Sarah and Charlie | A Vibrant Farm at Dover Wedding

Sarah and Charlie were that couple that ended each email with the standing invitation "next time you're in Chicago let us know! We'd love to get together!" They were caring and thoughtful and so deeply loved by their families. 

Naturally, they wanted a day that felt joyful and relaxed, giving them plenty of time to connect with the people that meant the most to them. They did two key things to help them achieve that feeling and they knocked it out of the park!

Choose the right venue

First, they chose the right venue. They chose the Farm at Dover for several reasons, but namely, so they could create a relaxed and elegant escape for their guests. They chose a place where everything happened at one place so they didn't have to stress about moving between places and could maximize their time with their friends and family.

Hire the right vendors

The second thing they did was recognize that you have to plan very well in order to relax on your wedding day. So they hired vendors who got their vision. City Girl weddings was a dream to work with and worked hard to protect Charlie and Sarah's priorities when logistics began weighing in on their day. As I worked with Alyssa on their wedding photography timeline, we found ways to keep their day organic and moving during the photography times. We chose to focus on candid moments over posed portraits, photographing them walking, talking and laughing with their favorite people and I love the results. 

Sarah and Charlie, thanks for inviting us to be a part of your day! I felt completely immersed in your wedding experience and loved photographing the joy and sweet moments. And guys...I'm still not over the UW band surprise during cocktail hour! Truth be told, I cried a little bit because I was so happy that it all worked out!

Enjoy a sneak peak of some of our favorite photos-more are coming your way soon!

Thanks to City Girl Events, the Farm at Dover, and Flowers for Dreams for a flawless day!

Sarah & Keith | Feminine and Industrial Milwaukee Pritzlaff Wedding Photography

Sarah and Keith told us they wanted Thai food at their reception. Do I need to explain to you why we were excited to photograph their wedding? know me. I love a good story and my excitement stemmed from that. It had way more to do with the story behind the food than the actual idea of eating curry and pad thai at a wedding!

Keith and Sarah met in college and quickly fell in love. (ummm, have you seen them? They're gorgeous people.) Keith is order, direction, and plans and Sarah is relationships, kindness, and understanding. He adds structure and big ideas and she softens the edges. They're an incredible couple together. 

After college, Keith and Sarah spent a year living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During that year, they fell in love with Thai culture and cuisine, attended the world famous lantern festival, Yi Peng. They traveled the world and found their best selves in traveling together. 

When planning their wedding, they wanted to create something that blended their love for home and family (Milwaukee for Sarah) with their love for travel. They chose a classic industrial Milwaukee venue and added touches of their travel story to the reception design. 

If you're planning a wedding, be like Keith and Sarah. Plan a day that shows people how much you love them AND tells your story. Invite them into your life a bit more-create an experience for them. They'll never forget it!

Many thanks to the following talents:

Florals: Impressions by Esther Fleming | Getting ready venue: The Iron Horse Hotel | venue: Pritzlaff Events | Catering: Shully's Cuisine 

Vivienne & Jason | A Classic and Romantic Madison Club Wedding

Vivienne and Jason's day was one we'd been waiting for all year! From a work perspective, we knew we'd have the pleasure of working with one of our favorite planners, Cherry Blossom Events, and one of the best videographers around, Vaughter Weddings, and my floral darlings, Daffodil Parker. 

I knew we'd get to sleep in, drink coffee on our deck, and then go work with our dream team of vendors and I was so thrilled! But more than that, I was drawn in by the amazing, nuanced love I saw in Vivienne and Jason and I completely melted to see them so deeply happy. 

In our first meeting, Vivienne claimed in her hysterically direct way "Planning a wedding is expensive! I'd rather spend that money on Chanel handbags!" I laughed then realized she meant it...then laughed even more. I loved Vivienne and her insightful commentary from the moment I met her. But what I loved more was what she said next: "but Jason is so important to me and I want him to be surrounded by his family." She knew how to love Jason in a way that meant adjusting her priorities to give something special to him. 

And Jason, a talented Dentist and quiet, introspective guy, knew how to be the stable, attentive support for Vivienne during times of intense pressure. It was really amazing to see how they chose love and gave love to each other.

Vivienne and Jason, thank you for including us on such a special day. I laughed, cried and cried again. Thanks for loving each other with your daily choices-it's so inspiring and beautiful! Enjoy a few of our favorite photos from your day! More coming soon!

Thanks to my dream team:

Event planning and design: Cherry Blossom Events | Videography: Vaughter Weddings | Florals: Daffodil Parker | Venue and Catering: The Madison Club 

Kelly and James | A Carefree and Elegant Madison Engagement

Kelly, a financial analyst and James, a product engineer for a food line came to us through one of our beloved 2016 brides, Elise! It was easy to love Kelly's spunky and fun-loving personality right away-in fact, Kelly and I talked so fast back and forth that we may have excluded the guys a bit...sorry guys!

But as we chatted about their story, I saw in James' reserved demeanor, a sense of clear direction and confidence. Sometimes guys can feel a little lost in the wedding planning process, especially if their fiance has lots of ideas! But not James! He had a confident ease about the fact that Kelly knew what she wanted and his biggest strength was to support her. I just love that!

Kelly and James couldn't have asked for better weather for their session. They wanted to capture carefree summertime elegance and I love the results! 

Kelly and James, thanks so much for spending a summer evening with us! We can't wait for your Fields Reserve wedding next year!

Kelly and Cody| Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding Photography

I don't think I've ever laughed so much as I did during Kelly and Cody's wedding toasts! It's one of my favorite parts of the wedding day because, after getting to know these two truly beautiful souls for the past year, I get to learn so much more about them from people who've loved them for so long. 

Why I love wedding toasts

So as I listened to Kelly's sisters laugh and share stories about Kelly teaching them her wiley ways, shed a tear as they got serious and told us how Kelly never missed being a part of what mattered to them, or listening to Cody's hilarious guys share story after story about life in their a capella group, it affirmed everything I thought I knew about them. They are loyal, caring, and most importantly, deeply gracious people. And their wedding reflected that.

Designing a modern and organic wedding at Milwaukee Art Museum

When Kelly first shared their wedding vision, they talked about their love of the Napa Valley and how they wanted to bring that into the sleek and modern Milwaukee Art Museum. At first, I didn't understand how those two design looks would come together.  But Kelly and Cody made the smart decision to hire one of my favorite planners in Wisconsin. Janelle from Evenement Planning is the perfect mix of experienced and easy-going. She can give clear direction, but always has a smile or laugh ready. Working with her is such a pleasure!

Janelle and their florist, Esther Fleming, were able to translate their original concept into the beautiful idea of bringing the outdoors in, softening the edges of the art museum, and still honoring it's show stopping architecture.  I just love the custom pergola Esther's team built and designed for this wedding, allowing Kelly and Cody to feel a sense of al fresco intimacy in the middle of the soaring Calatrava building. 

Creating a personal experience for your guests

Whatever you do, tell your story in your wedding design! Not in a literal way, using words, signs, or photos plastered around, but in an experiential way by creating an atmosphere, beloved memory, or favorite experience together to share again with your guests. 

Many thanks to the following talents:

Event planning and design: Evenenment Planning | Florist: Impressions by Esther Fleming | Venues: Villa Terrace Museum of Decorative Arts, Milwaukee Art Museum | Bride's Gown: Nouvelle Amsale | Wedding invitations: Paper Envy | Catering: Calatrava MAM

Reflections and Home Tour of the #Boothhome

Today feels a little bittersweet. We've lived in our beautiful townhome for 2 years and in that time, we've worked hard  to bring it to life and give it the style we always envisioned. So much growth and change has happened in this home and as we prepare to list our home for sale, I got a bit nostalgic at all the memories we've made here. 

Decorating real walls, dealing with metaphorical walls

For me, this home has been my cocoon. Through some intense trials and pain, I've retreated here and felt safe. As we're leaving this place, I feel like I'm leaving like a different person, someone who's emerging from her cocoon! It was in this place that I lost my "perfect" side job and decided to become a full time business owner. It was here that I began facing some intense fear surrounding risk, the unknown, owning a business, and who I was as a person.

These walls have been there through many losses-lost pregnancies, lost relationships, lost business deals, and lost sense of identity. There were times that my cocoon was the only thing that felt safe when everything around me was being taken away.  

But during that journey, I began finding hope again. I began seeing God's abundance in my life, finding such love and acceptance in my husband, some really life giving friendships and I began allowing myself to grieve my miscarriages. I began to learn how to really OWN a business and not work for a business. I began living more confidently and respecting the deep waters I'd been through. It has been an amazing journey of renewal that I'm still in awe of.

Developing a point of view through self-discovery

We came into this  home with very little idea of our personal aesthetic and taste. During our time here, we've traveled the world and identified our sense of style in those travels. It's fun to see that we're leaving this place with a confident idea of our design sense and how we'd interpret that in any situation. 

It was during this transformative time in my life, that Stephen and I began brainstorming new ideas for our home design. Since I wasn't spending my energy dealing with fear and grief, I finally had room in my mind again to be creative! All of a sudden, life had so many opportunities and I wanted to explore them! 

As we leave this home, we hope you see a sense of our growth journey here. The confidence I now live in, the sense of wonder and exploration we want to cultivate, and the simple, textural approach we take to home interiors. 

The kitchen was my favorite transformation, with it's soothing carrara marble inspired palette and simple styling. My favorite design element in this house, however has got to be our charcoal plank accent wall in our living room! This element was the perfect way to create a sense of division in our open concept floor plan, giving the living room a defined sense of place. It made our already tall 9 foot ceilings seem even taller, and it gave the perfect nod to our love of travel.

Our master bedroom confused us when we purchased this home. The layout seemed funny even thought the room seemed huge. After a few iterations, we figured out how to really show off this room for all it's space and glorious window light! The layout wasn't the problem at all! It was just how it was used! 

Our guest bedrooms were our latest project and, though we haven't really had anyone here to enjoy them since we've completed them, we just love what we've created. Stephen really wanted a simple, clean design for each room with a soothing, refined look. He completely transformed those rooms on his own and I love what he did! I totally want to use those designs in our new home!

So as we list our home, we hope you enjoy our home tour! And we hope you see us in it and the amazing journey we've been on here! 

Before + After

When we first attended an open house at this townhome, it took us some time and thought to get on-board with living here. The space was not to our taste at all initially.

After spending more time in the place on a second showing, we began to see more potential. Once we were able to look past the paint colors, basic finishings and furniture choices, we noticed the high ceilings, lots of light, an open floor plan and ample square footage.

We knew we could transform the space to be what we really wanted and we worked so hard to being our vision of what the space could be to fruition.

My Favorite Wedding Dress Trends for Summer Brides

Last year, we learned that our brides had a recurring theme: they wanted their wedding dress not to just be a pretty white gown, but an educated fashion statement. Our Booth Brides were knowledgeable on the bridal market trends, chose what best suited their personality, and most importantly, looked and felt amazing! 

So, here are the summer wedding gown trends we want to see more of in 2017! 

Non-white wedding gowns

From Melissa's gold Carol Hannah gown to Zoe's soft gray-blue MoniRose Bespoke Gown, I just really can't get over gowns that aren't any rendition of white. If I were selecting my own gown again, I'd go for a soft gray blue or gray-green. Would you consider a non-white gown?

Gowns with sleeve details

Two of our darling Chicago brides were up on the growing sleeve trend and showcased it perfectly! Shelby's Liancarlo gown had a delicate but fresh take on illusion cap sleeves that matched her personality perfectly. Christina's Zuhair Murad gown had longer sleeves with geometric detailing that was perfect for her edgy and chic personality.

Bridal Separates

Adya made my day...maybe more like my month when she told me she had gotten separates at BHLDN. She wanted the option to change up her look throughout the day. I adore these options-especially for girls who like to change up their look throughout their day or who may have a size difference from top to bottom. 

Bridal Pantsuit

When I found that we were photographing this sleek and modern Delphine Manivet pantsuit, I actually died and came back to life. This is my idea of the perfect chic look for a really confident and modernist bride. I mean. Dang. How amazing are those architectural cutout details and cropped pantlegs? I'm definitely dying to see more simple and modern pieces this year.

So, which of these trends are you loving? I think I talked myself into each one now...but I think in reality, I'd love a non-white gown the most!

Elements of a Stylish Groom| Groomswear inspiration for Summer Weddings

We have to admit-it's easy to spend time reminiscing about our beautiful brides. But we've worked with grooms who have a distinct and intentional sense of style that is incredibly inspirational. From custom suiting, distinctive style choice, to the accessories that make their looks, here are some of my personal favorite elements that make up a stylish groom.

Custom Suiting for the Groom

A groom who chooses custom suiting is usually a man with an eye for heirlooms. He's the guy thinking about 10 years from now and making choices based on the legacy he wants to leave. This is probably my favorite type of groom to work with simply because this mindset most closely aligns with ours!

A custom groom is all about fit and detail. From a crisp suit that fits like a glove, to those personal details, like custom embroidery, ticking, stitching, or fabric selections. I love Christian's sleek monochrome look, Tom's Enzo Custom suiting with all kinds of handsome personal touches, to Matt's trim fit suit (his slim leg pants were seriously perfect!).

Accessories for the Groom

My favorite parts of a groom's wardrobe are his accessories. Yeah, I love how guys look in a well fitting suit, but those personal touches show his investment into his day and his distinct personality.

Take Mike, for example. He's wearing a crisp white dinner jacket to reflect a sense of mid-century style. His accessories were on point. From velvet smoking loafers, to gogosha optique sunglasses, a silver watch and black bow tie really showcased his sleek and mid-century modern aesthetic. So sexy!

The Best Hair Trends for Summer Brides

I adore summer. I bask in it's sunshine, generally refuse to let heat upset me (I went through a very long winter, after all!) and spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible. I love everything about the summer, so naturally, summer weddings are my absolute favorite! 

I particularly love summer wedding hairstyles as brides want to capture a more carefree and romantic feel to their style. I've selected a few of my personal favorites, from some sleek, minimalist hairstyle options to some more loose and carefree looks, I love each one!

Which style is your favorite?

The classic ponytail two ways for the effortless bride

You know the drill. A Ponytail is a staple for any woman, so naturally a comfortable choice for a bride who wants to feel effortless. Whether straight behind you or a side pony, take this classic up a notch by wrapping your hair around the tie, or adding in volume and loose curls. 

Textural and delicate updos for the romantic bride

All of these are variations on a classic-the chignon. But each of these girls had their own distinct personalities and I love how it turned out! Add in loads of texture with loose curls, volume with hair extensions (check out these hair extensions by legendary Team Hair and Makeup in LA!) or wrap with braids or a bun. 

Classic chic updos with showstopper hairpieces 

Choosing your moments with your bride style is key and each of these brides knew they wanted their hair to be the canvas for a show stopper hair piece, so they played it cool with sleek, sexy styles that framed these hair pieces beautifully.

Loose beachy waves for the carefree bride

Want to feel the breeze in your locks and toss your hair around without a care? Consider these gorgeous carefree options. If you have a glorious head of hair, do me a favor and choose this style and call me to photograph you.  We're going to have SO much fun!

Dynamic and Detailed | Elise and Travis' Wedding Photography Review

Dynamic and Detailed | Elise and Travis' Wedding Photography Review

"Booth Photographics is a dream team to work with. From the very first time Travis and I met Stephanie and Stephen we felt so comfortable, at ease and had so much in common with them.

They have an incredible eye for capturing the smallest details to the biggest moments. They truly captured our engagement and wedding pictures exactly how I had envisioned them and took my breath away!

I love the fact that they are a team. Stephanie was able to take pictures of us girls getting ready while Stephen was able to take pictures of the guys getting ready. They are a dynamic duo that is hard to find! I am so thankful and grateful that they were able to capture our engagement pictures and wedding pictures because after going through the whole experience there is no one else Travis and I would have rather had by our sides. My sister in law is also using Booth Photographics for her upcoming wedding in June of 2018."

—Elise and Travis