2015 | Our Year In Review

If you know me, I can be a bit of a pipe dreamer. In one conversation, I'm paying off our mortgage, traveling the seven continents, and losing 50 pounds. So naturally, when we hold our annual yearly business summit, I begin dreaming about what a whole year can hold in big ways! The best part about this? I'm doing the dreaming with my very logical, business-minded husband who acknowledges my dreams with a "that's great! How can we make that happen?"  He keeps my feet on the ground and I like it.

We dreamed up some pretty aggressive goals last year. I felt like we'd never accomplish them, but Stephen told me "just put your head down and get to work. Each day. Work and keep working." 

One of our goals was to clarify our vision as fine art wedding photographers through how we use our blog. While this shift was not as easy as I thought, the clients who come to us now find it much easier to get an idea of what we do. This makes me so happy and inspired!

We also determined that we needed to create work that reflected our artistic vision without putting that pressure on our clients. If our clients also provided work that aligned with our fine art style, that was great! But if not, this gave us freedom to do a few things:

  1. Enjoy creating inspiring fine art work for our clients without personal expectations. 
  2. Independently create the work that reflects our style. 
  3. Expand our network of like minded wedding creatives

Each collaboration was physically and mentally exhausting. But each one lit up my dreams even more. It inspired me to create more artistically for our clients. We began shooting more film, shooting in new states, and we started working with more creatives that shared a similar artistic purpose.

This year has been our fullest and I'm so proud of our 3rd year in business. I just can't believe that we had the chance to get to know 19 clients, shoot in our beloved California again, and make some truly inspiring collaborative pieces featured on the nations top blogs. 2016 will take us to the PNW, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Europe, along with plenty of beloved clients here in Wisconsin. Each opportunity has me excited beyond belief! Bring it on 2016! If it holds anything like 2015, we'll be fast friends!