Booth Photographics: Our Branding Refresh

Back in the summer of 2012, amid the flurry of our own wedding planning, Stephen sat me down to help him decide on the direction for the wedding photography brand he was creating. I was so proud to see him pursuing the excellence he wanted and I felt strongly about cheering him on. I never envisioned myself as a part of this business, but it was all a part of Stephen's evil scheme!


As our brand began to shift from a focus on just Stephen to us as a couple, we began to feel the tension of the softer fine art film aesthetic we were pursuing contrasted with the historic, masculine feel of Stephen's original logo. This was a piece of Stephen, but it wasn't completely "us."

About a year ago, we began seriously discussing the direction of our brand and how to reflect us as a couple most strongly. We wanted something that continued to honor our core values of beauty and authenticity as well as Stephen's rich family history of visual artists, but we felt that it was time to add that softer elegance that I brought to the mix. 

Much like making room in your closet for new pieces, we have made a few changes in our online look! Our brand will always be a living, breathing thing that we constantly morph to reflect our vision best. If you get cozy here for a while, you may start to notice subtle changes over time, just like keeping your wardrobe up to date. We love our little makeover (but really. I love any makeover.) and feel that it better reflects the growth we've experienced as fine art wedding photographers.


So welcome to our refreshed logo and updated (but still simple!) website! We are still working out the inevitable kinks that come with these kinds of updates, so if you're browsing our site and spot something that isn't working, please drop us a line!

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