Featured | Wedding Branding with Style Me Pretty and Saffron Avenue

I remember feeling so overwhelmed when Stephen and I began planning our wedding together. How was I supposed to define my wedding style? Do you choose colors? flowers? Bridesmaids dresses? What was it that made the whole thing come together and look intentional? 

How Not To Define Your Wedding Style

At the time, I mistakenly thought I should pick colors first. So, without thought to the time of year, feel of the space, and overall cohesion of the wedding, I chose my favorite colors. I look back now and cringe a little, wishing I would have made a few changes.

Branding Your Wedding

That's natural and bound to happen as time passes, but what I learned after collaborating with Angela for a post in her blogger brides series on Style Me Pretty was so helpful to me! From how to use pinterest to define your style and creating a mood board, to carrying your style through all the wedding tangibles, I loved everything she did to define the style for one of the greatest parties she may ever host.

A Designer's Tips to Brand Your Wedding

For any of our lovely 2016 brides in the introductory stages of wedding planning, I'd highly recommend following the process Angela laid out in addition to collaborating with a talented wedding planner. This will save you quite a bit of stress and help you savor the process as you make decisions for this grand occasion where you marry the love of your life.