Eliza and Eric's UW Madison Arboretum Engagement Photography

Eliza and Eric have been through a lot of transitions recently. Over the last year Eric has been traveling the country, finishing his medical rotations, and they've spent a chunk of their engagement apart, unsure of where he would find work after graduation. We had the privilege of photographing a brief session with them to commemorate this sweet couple finally getting to start their lives together!

Stephen and I navigated a very long 9 months of long distance dating and it was challenging. I tip my hat to every couple on the long-distance journey. You can do it! It will make you stronger and it will show you how to be a better support to your beloved. 

To Eliza and Eric: As we photographed your session, we saw a sense of relief and such joy in you! We couldn't be happier that you two are together again and we look forward to you wedding celebration so very soon!