Franchesca and Josh Malibu El Matador Beach Engagement Photography

Franchesca, a smart and nurturing type, met her rock in Josh. Not only did she think he was a complete cutie, but she saw in him a strength she needed. She loves fiercely. Girl knows how to shoulder someone else's burden for them in a heartbeat. But sometimes a burden-bearer needs someone to fall back on. And Josh was just that. He could see when she needed time to not nurture everyone else and he stepped in. 

When we arrived in Los Angeles for their wedding week, I got a call from Josh that started with "Hey Stephanie, this is Josh. Franchesca probably took on more than she should have right now, so I'm taking over the engagement session details..."  Before we talked plans, I smiled really big and thanked him for seeing her needs and helping her.  

Because really, that's what life together is really all about. It's about giving of yourself to others, and being there for each other. And though no one has it all figured out, Franchesca and Josh have this down pat. 

Thank you, Photovision for the beautiful film scans!