The Best Estate Wedding Venues Around the World

When we think of the type of wedding day our clients enjoy most, a few key things stand out. A relaxed atmosphere, logistical simplicity, and beautiful, cohesive setting. And no type of venue combines these factors better than Estate wedding venues.

estate wedding venue

Relaxed environment

From a casual ceremony outdoors to getting ready in spacious and elegant rooms to walking the grounds for your photography time, Estate weddings provide a relaxed atmosphere where you’ll spend your time enjoying being present your guests rather than racing through a timeline to get to the next location.

Chicago elegant estate wedding venue

Logistical Simplicity

One of the most stressful parts of a wedding day is the logistics. The more traveling and location changes you have on your wedding day, the more likely things are to get behind schedule or people are to be late or items forgotten. Not to mention the time spent traveling that could be better spent with family and your guests.

Working with an experienced wedding coordinator can help minimize the stress, but hosting your whole wedding at one location provides logistical simplicity so your family, bridal party, guests and especially you, the bride and groom, fully enjoy your day from beginning to end.

Cohesive Setting

As fine art wedding photographers, one of our biggest preoccupations on any wedding day is telling a cohesive story. We want your album to be a collection of images that belong together and when the different parts of the day contrast with each other, the story isn’t as strong as it could be.

For instance, If your reception is hosted in a historic cathedral and your reception in a historic ballroom but your getting ready photos in a crowded, nondescript hotel room, the overall story won’t be as cohesive and the flow of the day might not make sense. Why does the story start out modern then change? One of the strongest arguments for an estate wedding is that it allows us as the photographers to tell a strong, cohesive story of the wedding day that will make sense 5 years down the road or 25 years down the road when you show your children.

While we will use different parts of the property at an estate wedding at different times of the day, the story will have a strong, cohesive flow that makes sense when the images are viewed as a collection.

California fine art estate wedding
California fine art estate wedding venue

From French chateaus to historic mansions to Italian villas, here are some of our favorite estate wedding venues in the world by region. Which one is YOUR dream venue??

Estate Wedding Venues in the United States

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Northern California



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East Coast

Estate Wedding Venues in Europe


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