Sleigh Ride in a Northwoods Winter Wonderland

I think that if you follow us on instagram or facebook, you're WELL aware of the fact that Stephen and I don't enjoy winter. I'll sit in my warm house (thank you Jesus for our cozy home!), grumping about the short, gray days, raise a fist at the falling snow, and wish for warmth and sunshine for probably half the year. It's a miserable way to live, really.

The time I actually enjoy winter

There is a loophole though. Leading up to Christmas, we relish the excitement of snow, the coziness that comes with candlelight, glittering ornaments, and chilly evenings, and actually want to do things to commemorate the nostalgia of a wintry holiday season.

A sleighride that almost convinced me that winter is okay

This year, my dad arranged a sleigh ride in the northwoods of Minnesota. It was bitterly cold, which I initially grumped about (surprise surprise!), but I noticed that, being in the winter and not just begrudgingly spectating from a warm window gave me a shift in perspective. As we listening to the calming stillness of a snow-covered forest, jingle bells ringing as the horses trotted, and laughter as we talked together, I had a little inkling of "like" for winter. The cold melted into cozy conversation and the falling snow quieted our spirits to a sense of hushed anticipation.

I don't know how to channel this feeling beyond the holidays and welcome any suggestions. How do you get out and enjoy the cold winters? 

Thank you, Photovision for the lovely scans!