A Weekend in Minneapolis with Fin and Film

Recently, Stephanie's sister moved down to "the cities." I guess, when 90% of your state lives within the urban boundary of one metropolis, it's okay to be generic. I had only been to Minneapolis once before and was glad to be going back in one of the three months when there's no chance of snow on the ground. My favorite part of this trip, aside from helping Kelsea move into her new place and spending some time with family, was exploring the industrial character or Minneapolis.

Impressive Industrial Character

I love old warehouses and lofts, but Madison was primarily build on government services and education so there wasn't as much of an industrial boom here. In Minneapolis, it seems that every neighborhood has an old brick building or 10 ripe for gentrification. And these fun urban industrial flips are often affordable too! Madison, take note!

This was also one of our first weekends with our new pup, Fin. On this trip, we got to see just how much of a sweetie he really is, doing so well with all of our travels, even though he wasn't used to all the distractions that come with being in the middle of a city.

industrial buildings along the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis

Stephanie on Stone Arch Bridge at the Mississippi River in Minneapolis

eating breakfast at Barbette in uptown Minneapolis

breakfast at Barbette in Uptown Minneapolis

Our great Pyrenees on the sidewalk in Minneapolis

industrial interior design store CB2 in Uptown Minneapolis

coffee stop at Bull Run in Minneapolis

Finley and Stephanie at Bull Run Coffee in Minneapolis

Stephanie in front of Minnehaha falls in Minneapolis