Beautiful and Authentic | Courtney and Jeff's Wedding Photography Review

I'm about to share a review from a client and I have to say-sometimes I want the chance to review clients! Though photographers reviewing clients isn't really a thing, I feel like you should know a bit about these beautiful people who wrote candidly about their time with us.

Courtney and Jeff are exactly the reason we only work with a select number of clients each year. Working with people like this is so ideal and is why I do what I do!

Your relationship with your photographer is so important. While not every client is destined to become close friends, that's always my hope! And when I work for clients who I understand, I feel free to create for them.

This sweet couple blessed us over and over with their kindness, thoughtfulness, and ideas for a meaningful and intentional wedding. Working for them was a joy and awesome creative journey. Their kind words of review leave me humbled and grateful: 

Breathtaking would be the word to describe the quality and beauty of the wedding photos taken by Stephanie and Stephen Booth of Booth Photographic's. When first meeting the Booth's they had this incredible ease and passion for excellence for their work, making them an easy choice for capturing the most magical day of our lives.


Their style captures the natural beauty of of the surroundings, without overshadowing the featured subject of the photo. The quality of each photo is unparalleled with the attention to detail and airy lighting.


Stephanie and Stephen exude such a joy for their work, which made taking photos easy and fluid without being staged or unnatural. The photos from our wedding were beyond compare. Every single photo was worthy of framing! The lighting was natural and almost ethereal, highlighting the bride and groom plus bridal party with such beautiful light. We are just blow away with how soft yet powerful our photos are.

Stephanie and Stephen were even able to capture moments of our wedding that we missed, allowing us to re-live our wedding day through our photos. In addition the turn-a-round time for both our wedding and engagement session was amazing.


Working with Stephanie behind the scenes in regards to timeline and location of photos was a dream. She is so incredibly easy to work with, and full of wonderful suggestions. All our our guests commented not only on the outstanding photos, but how fun the Booth's were at our wedding.


We were so fortunate to work with such a talented and visionary couple. We can not say enough about how wonderful our experience has been with them. We would highly recommend their quality, experience, and passion for their work to any engaged couple looking for photographers. It is true, a wedding will last only a day, but the photos will last a lifetime. Our timeless photos taken by Booth Photographics will surely last a lifetime.