Booth Bride Bloggers: how to prepare for your engagement session

We're starting a blog series over the winter featuring the voices of some of our fabulous past and present brides, whom we affectionately title the "Booth Brides." Each of these special ladies has given us the honor of walking with her through her engagement and wedding and each one could share some really valuable experience with you. Today, we're beginning with the topic of engagement sessions. We have lots of beautiful engagement sessions planned for November and along with that, couples looking for some advice on how to plan for, relax, and enjoy their engagement session. So if you haven't had an engagement session yet, here are some wise words on how to enjoy the process:

Plan outfits and accessories

Try to mix and match your outfits. I had a more dressy look and then a more casual look. I had my make up professionally done which I would highly recommend (me too, Elise!). Also remember accessories. I had a floppy hat and blanket scarf to hold and change things up in the pics which was really nice and felt more relaxed. PS-have fun!~Elise

couple walking in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward and kissing on the rocks of the Milwaukee Lakefrotn

Have fun!

HAVE FUN with it. When we did our engagement session we had only met Steph and Stephen once before so we were camera shy. Half way through the shoot we relaxed and became more ourselves. I LOVE our photos from the second half of the shoot because you can tell we were more comfortable. (Aka wear your favorite outfit last.) ~ Megan


Be yourself

Make sure you still look like you. I've seen some engagement photos where I hardly recognize the couple because they changed so much about their outfit styles. People want to look at beautiful photos of you. Don't stretch too far out. ~Ashley

Engaged couple kissing and walking at the Harold Washington Library in downtown Chicago, IL

Remember the bigger picture

And because this happens to everyone, Katie has some wise perspective to share when it comes to forgetting something important leading up to your session.

I was sooo excited to use my new Naked2 palette from Urban Decay for our engagement session. It went perfectly with our color scheme, but I totally forgot to pack it. I didn't realize I forgot it until the morning of our session and completely freaked out.

In the midst of having a meltdown I realized that life had to go on and I had to think of alternatives. Since it was my eye makeup and to me crucial to my makeup look, David bravely volunteered to run to the store and get me new makeup while I finished getting ready. I texted him a picture of a drugstore palette that he could get from Walgreens and focused on breathing.

These days there are so many things you can just run out and grab as a replacement from Target or Walgreens for makeup or accessories. I just needed to step back and look at the big picture that it really was just about seeing the joy and love between me and my partner rather than a specific smokey eye. Also, we didn't even end up using our second outfits so if you think through what you really want out of your shoot, think about what is truly necessary.

Couple kissing at their engagement session at sunset in Olin Park, Madison

You know you've got a great man when you can send him to the store for makeup! So, remember: Everyone forgets things, runs late, and feels nervous before their session. It's okay. That's normal and it won't surprise us! Like Katie said, the bigger perspective is about capturing the joy and love between you and your fiance during a very special and brief season of your life together.

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