Booth Brides: Ashley's Wedding Planning Advice

How would you describe your wedding design vision?

I wanted it to look beautiful, delicate, and natural. I'm not typically a flashy person, and I certainly did not want to be very flashy on my wedding day. I wanted to look and feel naturally beautiful and be comfortable. I wanted the setting and decor to be naturally beautiful without any fuss. For example, I wanted the flowers to be very full and natural looking- almost like they were handpicked. 

As for the rose quartz, I have to admit that was a nod to my nerdy childhood hobby of collecting rocks and crystals. And for me, when I think beautiful and bridal, I have always thought lace, so a comfortable lace dress felt just right.

Where did you find your wedding inspiration?

I found much of my ideas through pinterest primarily. A big inspiration was also seeing Facebook pages Stephanie had liked. I started following some of those pages too for some great wedding style and inspiration. So a big thank you for that too! (you're so welcome, Ashley!)

What were some of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

What I loved most about the wedding, hmmm. I feel like there is so much to choose from. The first look is definitely a top moment for me. It was what I had been waiting for for so long. Also, after I saw Eric, I knew it was time to get married and party, and that was awesome.

Another favorite was dancing to our last song, Piano Man by Billy Joel. We still had about 40 people left at 1:00am, and we were all in a circle, arms wrapped around each other singing to Piano Man. Eric, being the ham that he is, pulled me into the middle of the circle, picked me up, and spun me around. It seriously felt like something out of a movie, and the couple times I've heard that song since the wedding, it brings a tear to my eye and makes me smile.

What advice would you share with brides planning their weddings?

My advice for brides planning a wedding is that weddings, in my opinion anyway, are supposed to be a fun, and happy celebration so don't lose sight of that. Things will come up that are stressful- money will be tight, family members will have all sorts of opinions, and you and your fiancé will get on each other's nerves during planning.

The important thing is to remember that the wedding is about getting married and celebrating the most important relationship in your life- how could it not be fun?!

When planning got stressful, Eric and I did things that were fun and special to us and not wedding related. The other piece of advice is go with the flow on the day itself. No planning is left, and some mishaps will happen, but just keep it moving. A wedding day should not be spent pouting!

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