How We Conquered our Fear and Found our Voice

Do you know the feeling that everyone in room is looking at you and thinking you have no clue what your doing? 3 years ago, Stephanie and I had that feeling at almost every wedding we shot.

Dealing with Doubt

You see, we knew what we wanted to get with our images, but we were still very much “in process” with figuring out how to make it all happen. And that translated to insecurity, self doubt, and fear.

I think the biggest struggle we’ve faced as we’ve struggled to figure things out for ourselves is comparison. We’re constantly looking for inspiration and looking to people that inspire us, but too often I think that turned into comparing ourselves to those around us. 

It’s so easy to judge yourself by someone else’s yardstick if you don’t know what it is YOU stand for. And coming to understand and articulate what it is we stand for has probably been our greatest challenge over the last 3 years.

Bartholomew winery Sonoma, CA

The path for us, at least, hasn’t been completely linear. It’s been confusing, it’s been frustrating. 

Finding your voice isn’t something that happens over night. You don’t just wake up one morning and go “this is the core of why we do what we do.” 

I’m so driven, and while I don’t regret pushing us to articulate our style, I also think I could have been more okay with the fact that it takes time to find your voice.  It can't just be checked off a to do list.

Clambering for Clarity

I understand that good things takes time, but I’m the kind of person that avoids ambiguity like the plague. I constantly seek clarity, so every day that I didn’t understand our voice felt like an eternity. 

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How do you effectively articulate something when you don’t understand it? Time felt like an enemy. But In some ways, I guess that enemy has actually become a friend. 


"A thing well done is worth doing" -Hugh Leonard



Personal Satisfaction

When I walk into a wedding day today, I feel confident and excited to execute on our vision and create work that inspires me and fits our voice: images that are equally beautiful and authentic, in the Fine Art style

wedding at the walnut grove at tierra rejada ranch in Moorepark, CA

Over time our processes have changed, our level of quality has grown, and our voice has become so much more defined. But at the end of the day, we’re still who we always were, just more equipped than ever to do what we first set out to do: Create beautiful work that we’re proud to share with our beautiful clients. Work that we’re completely confident they will cherish for a lifetime.