Courtney and Jeff | a Winter Wonderland Wedding at the Lageret

As we wandered through snowy pines on Courtney and Jeff's wedding, I asked Courtney "knowing that you're here now, what would you tell yourself on that first date?" and Courtney said "push him off the dock-he'll like it!" 

A memorable first date

Courtney and Jeff decided to go paddle boating together for their first date. Less than 5 minutes into their date, Courtney shoved Jeff off the edge of the dock into the water and instantly wondered if it was too much for a first date. 

But the thing I love about Jeff and Courtney is their playful, competive spirits. Jeff loved Courtney's  wholehearted dedication and Courtney fell for Jeff's steady but playful personality which helped her not take life too seriously.

A cozy and glittery winter wedding

From our first meeting, Courtney and Jeff were clear on one thing: They loved Christmas and hoped for a snowy winter wedding. I got nervous as the day approached-we have photographed weddings the second weekend in December for 3 previous years and have not had snow yet. But, on Courtney and Jeff's day, a beautiful blanket of snow covered the ground! 

And, as if to add to the magic, as they walked down the aisle after being declared husband and wife, they looked out the window to find the most beautiful snow starting to fall. 

As we walked through the gently falling snow into to the Lageret, I paused for a moment and looked through the historic windows of the restored tobacco warehouse to see everything these two had hoped for. I watched Courtney and Jeff walk into open arms of dearly loved ones, I could see twinkling lights and pines galore, friends sharing cocktails, hot cocoa, and cookies while snapping photos, and I could hear the strains of Christmas carols. 

I know every bride planning her wedding in December hopes for this cozy, intimate winter. I know it doesn't happen for everyone. But Courtney and Jeff, I'm so happy your day was everything you hoped for! Enjoy a few of our favorites from your day!

Many thanks to the following talents

Coordination: Midwestern Bride | Invitations: Minted | Reception Venue: the Lageret