Courtney and Jeff's Snowy Winter Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Photography

Courtney and Jeff are an amazing team. Courtney, a doctor of physical therapy and talented athlete met Jeff in high school. She mentioned that it was not "love at first sight," as they were on very different paths. 

A Modern Day Love Note

But 6 years later, she was on Jeff's mind and he decided to send her a "modern day love note," aka, a facebook message. It became clear almost immediately that they'd circled back to something really special in finding each other again. 

The Perfect Balance

Jeff, a reserved but playful guy, struck me as the perfect match for Courtney right away! I  couldn't believe it wasn't love at first sight for these two! Not only are they just a beautiful couple, but he's exactly the balance Courtney needs. He knows how to tease her to help her lighten up when she's really focused, and she knows how to encourage Jeff to pursue his dreams and goals. Together, they have this sweet but playful love that had me laughing and grinning throughout their fun, snowy engagement session.

Courtney and Jeff, you guys are pretty unbeatable. We love you already and appreciate your sweet thoughtfulness to us! We cannot wait for your wintery gold and pine wedding at the Lageret next winter!