Why We Don't Pose You for your Wedding Photos, We Direct You

I remember the time I got called a "poser." I was in elementary school at the time and it was BRUTAL—seriously. You see, in elementary school, being called a poser was the WORST possible insult on the whole proverbial playground.

My Poser Moment

Some of us girls were trying to see who could jump off the swings the highest. That's when I saw the boy I was majorly crushing on watching us from across the playground.

Just wait till he sees how high I can jump, I thought to myself.

We all leaped off the swings and, as the other girls gracefully landed and cheered, I bit the dust. Hardcore style.

Trying to save face, I tried to pretend I just had an Olympic-worthy landing. I threw my hands up in the air in triumph, and smiled over at the boy.

We girls regrouped to discuss whose jump was best. I knew the deck was stacked against me, but I REALLY wanted the recognition that would impress my future boyfriend.

Oh did I get recognition. Just not the kind I was hoping for.


The boy I had been trying so hard to impress just laughed, pointed across the playground and hollered, "you're such a poser!"

I was absolutely crushed! But he was actually right. I was trying super hard to give the appearance of something that wasn't authentic.

A Poser No More

Okay, so obviously elementary school was a long, long time ago. But just like posing was way uncool then, it's also way uncool when it comes to your wedding photos.

Direction: Our Approach to Posing

While we don't believe in being posers, we do believe in taking an active role in how you are positioned in your photos. Rather than posing, however, we refer to our technique for situating you for our photos as directing.

The difference is in our approach. And we believe that the approach to positioning you for your photos makes a BIG difference in images you get.

Why we don't rely on poses

Most people are used to friends snapping photos when they get together. The friend with the camera gets in position and says "Smile!"Everyone stops talking, pastes on a smile, sucks in their stomach, and then asks "ooh, can I see??"

If they don't like the way they posed, they retake the photo until they get a good one, smiling a little more or less, or tweaking a body angle.

When you're posing for someone you may hear them say things like this:

  • "smile for the camera!"
  • "say cheeeeeeeese!" (or any other food, really...)

Why we love direction

Instead of posing you and asking you to hold it until we've gotten our shot, we have a different approach. We like to direct, instead of pose.

We put you in the best possible setting and then we ask you to interact with each other in a specific way. Then, we step back and let the magic happen!

Here's an example of what directing looks like at an engagement session:

When you're directed instead of posed, you may notice that:

  • You feel like you're on a romantic date-you stroll hand in hand, laugh and kiss a lot, and have time to connect with each other. Especially during the stress of wedding planning, that's so good for your relationship!
  • You feel great! You may feel nervous at first, but by the end of your session, you'll probably feel like a million bucks! You didn't worry about the way your hair fell or if you reapplied your lipstick. You didn't try to remember to suck in your stomach or to smile a certain way. You literally just enjoyed being with your fiance.

Posing Vs. Directing

Here are a few reasons we prefer directing to posing:

1. Posing is static, directing is dynamic

One of our core goals is to capture life through imagery. Something that is full of life is not static or one dimensional. We hope to capture moments and memories, not a precisely composed image that is held in place. Directing gives us the chance to get you moving, talking, and laughing. And when you look back at those photographs, they are the ones that make you smile, laugh, and say "do you remember what happened here?" not say "dang, I looked skinny!"

2 . Directing requires planning and experience. Posing only requires a shot list.

Each couple has a unique story and we want to capture how you interact together authentically. Because of this, we don't have a list of go-to poses that we check off for each session. For your session, we consider what we know about you when it comes to how we direct you during your session.

It takes a little extra time to customize the plan for each session, but it's well worth it. If possible, we like to meet our couples in person first so we can hear them tell their story. It helps us takes their photos to the next level!

3. Directing helps you relax and enjoy being together. Posing makes you try to suck in your gut.

While directing you, we want you to do things that spark laughter, romance, and interaction between you two. At your session, you may wonder why we're asking you to do things like walk and kiss at the same time, but when it  makes you laugh and hug each other, we get some of the most beautiful captures of the session and you get a good laugh!

 4. Directing means your encouraged to express how you feel about one another. Posing means faking an emotion

Posing is about getting you into a specific position. There's no room for authenticity when someone is telling you to move your head this way or that, turn your body slightly, smile a certain way, hold it, etc. It makes you feel nervous and sometimes not good enough.

But when we get to direct you, we're not trying to get you to look a certain way, we're trying to help you express your authentic selves so we can capture who you are. As you move into a hug or walk hand in hand, you feel confident and beautiful as you experience love authentically. It's more enjoyable for everyone!

We would love the chance to direct you and your love. If you're looking for photos that are fun, authentic and beautiful, contact us. We look forward to capturing your love authentically!