Featured | Green Wedding Shoes

Several years ago, my eyes began to open up to the vast beauty of the world of wedding photography. There were photographers whose work blew my mind and awesome blogs that featured them. I could scroll through the features for hours! There was one particular blog that first caught my attention and has kept it since—Green Wedding Shoes. Yes they feature great photography like many other blogs, but the sense of whimsy and quirkiness of the things they post really won me over. I quickly came to the conclusion that one day, I wanted to see my work featured there.

A lot has changed since I made that decision. I'm no longer shooting solo. My style has evolved considerably. But I certainly was no less excited to hear that our very first collaborative styled session was going to be featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Doesn't it feel great when you accomplish a long time personal goal? Now I guess it's time to think about the next one—traveling to Europe for a few weeks. A boy can dream! 

collage of photos from the Booth Photographics Great Depression Orchard Elopement featured on Green Wedding Shoes