Sarah & Keith | Feminine and Industrial Milwaukee Pritzlaff Wedding Photography

Sarah and Keith told us they wanted Thai food at their reception. Do I need to explain to you why we were excited to photograph their wedding? know me. I love a good story and my excitement stemmed from that. It had way more to do with the story behind the food than the actual idea of eating curry and pad thai at a wedding!

Keith and Sarah met in college and quickly fell in love. (ummm, have you seen them? They're gorgeous people.) Keith is order, direction, and plans and Sarah is relationships, kindness, and understanding. He adds structure and big ideas and she softens the edges. They're an incredible couple together. 

After college, Keith and Sarah spent a year living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During that year, they fell in love with Thai culture and cuisine, attended the world famous lantern festival, Yi Peng. They traveled the world and found their best selves in traveling together. 

When planning their wedding, they wanted to create something that blended their love for home and family (Milwaukee for Sarah) with their love for travel. They chose a classic industrial Milwaukee venue and added touches of their travel story to the reception design. 

If you're planning a wedding, be like Keith and Sarah. Plan a day that shows people how much you love them AND tells your story. Invite them into your life a bit more-create an experience for them. They'll never forget it!

Many thanks to the following talents:

Florals: Impressions by Esther Fleming | Getting ready venue: The Iron Horse Hotel | venue: Pritzlaff Events | Catering: Shully's Cuisine