Get to know the People Behind the Work | Our Favorite Things

Our work is more than just the sum of our photos, it's a human experience. And the more of life that we experience, the more we see our life loves reflected in the way we photograph. When I recognized this amazing reality, I wanted to explore how what we loved influenced how we photographed.

As this wonderfully symbiotic relationship of beauty and skill progresses, we wanted to take a few minutes to understand what we love and pursue in life so we could strengthen our fine art perspective, as it makes our work richer and more nuanced for our clients. 

From our love of age, history, and a rich patina, to the joie de vivre of outdoor living; the magic of human relationships, the wonder of travel, and our adoration of slow, methodical processes, like coffee brewing and film photography, we see the influence of each experience in our work. 

Above all, we're grateful to God for a beautiful life together that, amid highs and lows, is filled with love, joy, wonder, and is far better than I deserve.

What makes your "favorite things list?"