Grace to Put Out Fires and Keep on Loving | A Personal Post

Today was one of those days that left me depleted. It asked for my all and stretched me beyond what I thought I had to give. Every so often I find those days, where I feel like the progress I carefully planned to pursue that day gets laid aside as I spend the day putting out fires. I know I'm not alone in that feeling. No sooner do I have one fire extinguished, than I feel heat on my heels. 


While I felt like the next thing would surely be the last I could handle, I found grace meeting my foot each time I stepped forward. I found comfort as my husband wrapped his arms around me and listened as I sorted out how to solve each issue. And, somehow, I even found patience when I felt I had none left. 

I was reminded again today that relationships, work, and life are first and always messy. But in that realization, I was struck by the beauty of God's promise that love is greater than fear. I still feel depleted, don't get me wrong. But I see now that my greatest strength is still right here with me in this weakness. 

For the bride planning a day that she hopes is special but she's meeting opposition. For the girl who is dealing with delicate family issues as she approaches the holidays. And for that person who just feels like life isn't cutting you a break. You're not alone. 

No matter what you're facing, there is grace for you in your difficulties. I pray you too find it and find strength and life in it.

Film scans: Carmencita Lab, Sneak peak from a beautiful collaboration with Majenia Design, Monirose, and Roses by Claire in Burgundy France earlier this year.