Grateful for a Year of Growth in 2014

As we look back over 2014, Many thoughts and emotions come to mind. But the one that overrides them all is gratitude. When we look back at 2014 we are incredibly grateful. Grateful for each beautiful couple we had the pleasure of getting to know, grateful for the growth we've seen in ourselves and our work. We started the year feeling compelled to pursue the stylistic direction of fine art wedding photography, and we rolled up our sleeves and began working to refine our aesthetic. While we have a lot to learn in the coming years, we are so happy with the growth in our work over the course of one short year. And we've already made some plans to build upon that growth 2015.

While there are many areas about the future of our business where we don't know exactly what to expect, this year we are planning to grow specifically in our work with film. We haven't completely figured out how that will integrate into our workflow, we're excited to find out!

In 2014, we met some of the most wonderful creatives, artists, and couples we could ever imagine. Our lives are richer from the friendships we've built along this journey and we cannot wait to see what we learn and who we have the pleasure of meeting in 2015. From the looks of things, it's going to be even more incredible than this crazy amazing year!

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