Happy National Coffee Day!

How It All Began

If you don't already know this about us, Stephen and I are coffee lovers. Not caffeine lovers, downing every form we get, but coffee-lovers. Let me explain:

When we first met, we talked and blushed over mediocre iced mochas. Well, I didn't know they were mediocre...but now I do!

The second time I saw Stephen, he made us the best iced vanilla latte I'd ever tasted. I was SO relieved that he had his back to me as he brewed because I was so nervous that my face turned all shades of red and I began sweating. I just couldn't get over how cute he was! So while he ground, tamped, steamed, and stirred, I coached myself to "act normal, you dummie!"

Later that same day, Stephen took me to Intelligentsia Coffee, and my mind was blown. I had never heard of this roaster who's drive for the perfect cup leaves you with freshly brewed individual cups of coffee and espresso beverages. I knew nothing of how roasts types and freshness affected the flavor profile of each cup!

The Coffee Learning Curve

But Stephen taught me. I went from using caffeine to wake me up, to talking flavor profiles and brewing methods like a sommelier! And as we glanced shyly at each other over that first iced mocha, laughing nervously and wondering what God might be doing in our lives, I had no clue that, like a well-brewed cup of coffee, life with Stephen could be so much more filled with dimension, flavor, and zest than I expected!

And of course, as we began building life together, coffee became a central theme (except in our decor). Our wedding reception featured a coffee brew bar based on the model at Intelligentsia. Highlight of our wedding! We found a local roaster, Colectivo Coffee that we love. We usually go for their African roasts-we served Kenya AA at our wedding and look forward to it's "in-season" each fall!

Our Coffee Family

Allow me to introduce you to our beloved coffee "family!" Want a great brew? Come on over and pick your brew method! We've got the coffee-less than 2 weeks old!

Our  Options: French Press, the Bonavita electric kettle, V-60 Pourover, and Chemex

french press, Buono kettle, V-60, Chemex, coffee brewing methods

The Bonavita Kettle enables us to accurately pour water on the grounds in the Chemex and V-60.

Our VIP of our coffee stash? The Hario V-60 Pourover. We use it almost daily and pack it when we travel!

The Chemex is our favorite when we have a really nice roast and a little time to share breakfast and coffee. This is our current favorite brewing method, but it is used less frequently than our v-60's. We love the bright, crisp finish to a Chemex cup.

And our French Presses. You thought we only had one? Oh no, lovelies! We each had our own press, then received the mammoth 12-cupper for our wedding. A true coffee child. French press made me first like coffee and want more. Though we rarely use our presses anymore, they are perfect for brewing larger batches for company!