How Fine Art Styling Helps us Tell Your Story

I love the moments you experience on your wedding day that you can't create or plan for. The moments that you don't even notice these moments happening.

It could be the weather that day, or your reaction when you realize the mood of a relaxed and elegant celebration you envisions in your wedding design all come together! It's in living through the sights, sounds, and smells of a day with that excitement that you're making this amazing commitment to each other!  

It's all these things! But in every case, it's not something anyone has forced.

Styling for your Story

One of my passions on a wedding day is visually representing your day through styling. As we work to photograph your getting ready details, your invitations, even your ceremony and reception site, we're doing this with one big goal in mind:  To transport you right back to this moment. 

Styling is simply visually capturing the mood and environment in such a way
that it reflects your surroundings and your vision.

It may seem counterintuitive to telling an authentic story that styling, by it's very nature involves the intentional manipulation of things to get a desired result. But the goal of styling isn't to change the character of something, but to heighten and accentuate the authentic nature of the story.

Styling is simply visually capturing the mood and environment in such a way that it reflects your surroundings and your vision. 

Our job as fine art wedding photographers is to understand the unique story being told and beautifully translate that into styling your detail photos. It may mean noticing that you envisioned a woodsy, intimate, and romantic mood to your day and incorporating that into how we photograph your invitation suite. 

Styling on Your Wedding Day

At each wedding, we set aside some time at the beginning of the day to allow ourselves to begin telling the story in an intentional way. During that time, we walk your venue, observe the environment and mood, and begin applying those things to how we approach the photography.

Whether it's using the delicate ribbon from my styling kit or stepping outside to clip a few fronds from the ferns in the front yard, I'm styling everything through the lens of the story being told. I do this because I want your images to make you feel something.

When your first, fifth, or tenth anniversary comes and you look back through your album, I want to you to be transported right back to that moment. For me, that's the purpose of styling.