How to Style Your Engagement Session: an Introduction

When we first moved into our new home, we saw so much potential. There was lots of great open space, but the whole home was builder’s grade and simple and the style just didn't click.

There were basic honey-oak cabinets, builder's grade light fixtures and bright, bold colors on all the walls.  While the myriad paint colors on the walls grabbed our attention, they didn’t create a sense of design and cohesion.

So we got to work creating a soothing space that felt more like us.

After understanding our vision, we chose our paint colors (soft whites and grays) and began styling the details to give our kitchen the light, clean look we wanted.

Our kitchen after we "tweaked it" a bit

By now, your probably wondering what our kitchen design has to to do with styling your engagement session. Stay with me!

The Fine Art Approach to Engagement Sessions

As soon as we start talking engagement sessions with our couples, one of the first questions they most frequently ask is “what should I wear?”

For a long time, that was my first question too! But in taking a fine art approach, I came to understand that in starting with the outfits, I was thinking about things backwards—what a lightbulb moment!

Just like painting bright colors on your walls doesn’t translate into a stylish and cohesive home design, choosing outfits for your engagement session doesn’t mean you have planned your styling.

So how do you approach styling your session in a "fine art" way? 

Over the next few posts, I'm going to share our process for styling your engagement session in a way that cohesively reflects your values and style. I hope you feel inspired to create something special! 

On Monday, we'll talk a little about what the fine art approach actually is, then we'll talk about how to apply it. See you then!