Katie and James UW Madison Memorial Union Anniversary Photography

Katie and I bonded in church over our mutual love of J. Crew. She was one of those ladies who I admired. She worked hard, loved harder, and had cute outfits to boot. She has a handsome husband and adorable children. She looks like she has it all together, but as soon as you talk with her, she's the first to testify to God's abundant grace in her life, getting her through the crazy moments. 

Encouragement & Example

She may not have known how she impacted me, but I often told Stephen on our drives home from church "man, I talked to Katie today and she was so encouraging!" 

When she approached me about an elegant, black tie anniversary session, I was THRILLED! I mean, it's not often that we get to photograph a couple who's invested into a loving marriage at 12 years. This pair has been through a handful of cross country moves, having the cutest and funniest kiddos around, and medical school. As they've weathered distance, early mornings, long hours apart, and the stressors of residency, they've dug in and invested into their marriage. 

Basically, I want to be them when I grow up. And as they move across the country again so James can begin his medical career, I feel bittersweet. I'm so sad to lose out on connecting with them each sunday, but I couldn't be more thrilled to watch them settle into this new life ahead.

I think this pretty much sums up how I'll always remember Katie: One day, after church, as we dreamed and schemed for their session, she showed me the dress she had purchased. She planned to wear it to James' graduation and again to our session and she gushed about how much she just LOVED this gown. 

Then she stopped and said "as much as I love this gown, and I LOVE this gown, can you believe that Jesus is even better?" 

Boom. Drops mic, walks away.

Katie, thank you for reminding me of how good and sweet it is to know God and love him. We will miss your family dearly. Enjoy some of our favorites from your session!