Kelly and Cody| Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding Photography

I don't think I've ever laughed so much as I did during Kelly and Cody's wedding toasts! It's one of my favorite parts of the wedding day because, after getting to know these two truly beautiful souls for the past year, I get to learn so much more about them from people who've loved them for so long. 

Why I love wedding toasts

So as I listened to Kelly's sisters laugh and share stories about Kelly teaching them her wiley ways, shed a tear as they got serious and told us how Kelly never missed being a part of what mattered to them, or listening to Cody's hilarious guys share story after story about life in their a capella group, it affirmed everything I thought I knew about them. They are loyal, caring, and most importantly, deeply gracious people. And their wedding reflected that.

Designing a modern and organic wedding at Milwaukee Art Museum

When Kelly first shared their wedding vision, they talked about their love of the Napa Valley and how they wanted to bring that into the sleek and modern Milwaukee Art Museum. At first, I didn't understand how those two design looks would come together.  But Kelly and Cody made the smart decision to hire one of my favorite planners in Wisconsin. Janelle from Evenement Planning is the perfect mix of experienced and easy-going. She can give clear direction, but always has a smile or laugh ready. Working with her is such a pleasure!

Janelle and their florist, Esther Fleming, were able to translate their original concept into the beautiful idea of bringing the outdoors in, softening the edges of the art museum, and still honoring it's show stopping architecture.  I just love the custom pergola Esther's team built and designed for this wedding, allowing Kelly and Cody to feel a sense of al fresco intimacy in the middle of the soaring Calatrava building. 

Creating a personal experience for your guests

Whatever you do, tell your story in your wedding design! Not in a literal way, using words, signs, or photos plastered around, but in an experiential way by creating an atmosphere, beloved memory, or favorite experience together to share again with your guests. 

Many thanks to the following talents:

Event planning and design: Evenenment Planning | Florist: Impressions by Esther Fleming | Venues: Villa Terrace Museum of Decorative Arts, Milwaukee Art Museum | Bride's Gown: Nouvelle Amsale | Wedding invitations: Paper Envy | Catering: Calatrava MAM