Amanda & Matt's Review

"The Booths were great to work with even before we had hired them as our wedding photographers. They did not expect us to simply rely on examples of their previous work. In fact, the Booths did not mention previous works, but rather focused on what they could do for us. Our first shoot with the Booths was our engagement session. Their engagement session time was very generous and we enjoyed every second of it. Both Stephen and Stephanie are extremely patient and creative. The ideas they brought to our engagement photos were amazing, and they did not hesitate one bit when we had ideas of our own. The entire time was stress free and actually quite fun. We received many more pictures than we expected and in a very timely manner.

Stephen and Stephanie continued to impress at our wedding. They always seemed to be “behind the scenes” yet captured every moment beautifully. They arrived early and had a very strategic plan for all the images we would remember of our big day by. Their patience was a blessing once again as we lined up for several family photographs. The time and effort they committed to us was definitely above and beyond our expectations.

The Booths’ passion for their work is contagious and we very excitedly waited for our final photographs. Once again, we were blown away by the end result. Every moment was captured perfectly. It has only been a few short months, but we have already relived that day on so many occasions through these great captures of a moment in time. These moments were all saved for us so professionally, yet so naturally."

-Amanda and Matt