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I used to love to rummage through my grandparents collection of photos when I visited my grandparents. The photos of their dating relationship (sweet world war II era picnics together? So romantic!) and wedding (the tea length, off the shoulder gown of my dreams!) were images I obsessed over.

My grandparents' print box

They were in pristine condition at 60+ years old, with no yellowing, curling, or crackling. When I held them, they were weightier than prints I was used to purchasing, each one causing me to actually stop and look at the photo before flipping it to the back of the pile.

And as I marveled at my grandparents cute world war two era outfits, youthful good looks, and happy soft expressions, I realized that, no matter the trials, tragedies, and triumphs they had faced since then, they still had that expression of love that softened their gaze toward each other. And it was the quality of their prints that actually caused me to stop and notice this nuance of their relationship.

I wanted that for our clients. I wanted our brides and grooms to have something for their curious granddaughters to find. I wanted it to stand the test of time and be something truly special to hold and admire.

Finding a Modern Heirloom Print

After 4 years, I finally feel like I’ve found prints that tell the story of modern romance with a timeless, heirloom feel. Gosh it seemed to be difficult to find what I had in mind, but I found it!

Our Fine Art Prints

The prints we just made available in our client galleries use a stylish selection of modern high quality photographic papers. We particularly fell for the velvety feel and weight of the fuji deep matte paper (remember gloss finish photos?? No thank you!). It has just the right hand weight-substantial and special enough to pause over, but not trying to stand out on it's own.

The additional (and hard to find, I learned!) option for a white border was really what sealed the deal for me! This is the heirloom feel I wanted and was what made me think of that print collection of my grandparents' that I used to obsess over in fourth grade.

So as our Black Friday sale approaches, enjoy stocking up on these heirloom pieces. Both for yourself and to slip into special cards for loved ones to keep.

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