My Favorite Fine Art Instagram Accounts

I think Stephen's love language is instagram. Seriously, Stephen and I spend half our days messaging instagram links back and forth to each other! Every time we see something really beautiful, we gasp and send it to each other. It's mostly Stephen sending things to me, but I get in there too.

Instagram is, by far, my favorite social media platform! I love my feed of pretty squares (and now NOT just square!! So exciting!). I've met some of the coolest new friends through this app and I've been so inspired by the accounts I follow. 

I have a few favorites, of course. These are a mixture of fine art photographers, planners, stylists, and creators and each time one of their posts shows up in my feed, you can guarantee I'm gonna double tap! Here's who's been inspiring me lately (and probably always). Click through the photos to see more from each account!

Fine Art Wedding Blogs

Wedding Sparrow

a fine art blog dedicated to creative film works, curated by some of the most talented event stylists in Europe. I'm always surprised by the beauty they feature and I hope to see our work there sometime. 


I love Emily's selective aesthetic. I can always count on images that I immediately think "gosh, that's so pretty!" when I see them! They're usually, soft and simple. And I like that!

Cottage Hill Magazine

I just love this publication's approach of living life with intention. While there are lovely weddings and film features on this blog, there are also some really poignant lifestyle pieces that encourage you to love authentically and live intentionally. 

Magnolia Rouge

so.much.pretty. My friends and I gush over this blog. I love the romantic images featured here-soft and feminine, with a flair for the dramatic. 

Stylists and Planners

Ginny Au

the layers, the textures, the pattern and repetition. I adore Ginny's designs and love how relaxed and approachable they feel when I see them in my feed! 

Sinclair and Moore

Just their office alone gives me chills. Add in a married couple work dynamic, the cutest chubby baby, sexy flowers, and weddings that blow my mind. That precisely why I follow them.

Loom Curated 

These lifestyle sessions get me every time. I love the concept of capturing simple everyday moments between couples. They are styled beautifully, often with a muted palette that allows the moments to speak loudly. Seriously, when was washing dishes something special?? But here, it is. I want more of this. 

Ginny Branch

Gosh, I just love every image I see with Ginny's styling. It reminds me of how I idealize my life to be. 

Fine Art Photographers

Brumley and Wells

We had the awesome opportunity to do some one-on-one mentoring (and a couple's session!) with Jacob this past summer, so his work holds a special place in our hearts. But while every wedding image I ever see from him is truly breathtaking, I absolutely adore his editorial and travel work. His perspective is simple, editorial, and uncluttered and it stirs my sense of wanderlust every time!

Erich McVey

When I think of Erich's instagram posts, the first word that comes to mind is "stunning." His images leave me feeling stunned every time I see them. Each one is so special!

Jose Villa

Jose is the forefather of the modern fine art film movement and his work is soft and timeless. I just can't get over it. And I have no plans to!



When I see the things that Tiffany is developing, styling, and photographing, I feel like I'm spinning around the kitchen in my bespoke linen apron, flinging flour everywhere and making gorgeous food. I just love her moody, lived in styling. And her recipes look incredible!

Local Milk 

Beth is a recipe developer and stylist and quite frankly, her lived in, undone styling really does it for me. I feel like my hands are about to enter her photos and begin kneading dough or wrapping a gift. You know the styling is done well when you forget that you AREN'T in the photo!

Plume Calligraphy 

After finding Aileen on Instagram and drooling over her delicate script and beautiful layered styling, I had the privilege of working with her on an upcoming feature. If you like great styling and stunning hand lettering, you really need to follow her.