Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Each year, regardless of our budget, we love to get gifts that are timeless. There’s something special about knowing that we’re getting each other and our loved ones gifts meant to enjoy now and for years to come.

With the addition of new in-laws and grandkids, we decided to draw names for Christmas. This year we have a gift list made completely of girls, and these are some of my top picks for some of the best girls in our lives:

Gifts for loved ones: feminine classics

The essential silky blouse

A pretty scarf for someone special

A touch of marble over a cozy sweater

Every woman should have a “my-lip-but-better” lipstick and I like this one in nude creme or this one in meringue!

V-60 pourovers for the coffee lovers

Our 2016 Wishlist

Each year, amid the ease of gifts like books and clothing (and makeup for yours truly!), Stephen and I love to get each other one really special gift-something we probably wouldn't buy for ourselves but would love to own. There’s something so special about looking back on 4 Christmases together and seeing that I’m still using and completely in love with the handbag Stephen got me our first Christmas together.  Here’s a few things that made the “special gift” list for 2016:

Gifts for her

A chic modern watch (They recently released this one that I’m now obsessed with!)


Gifts for Him

A dapper topcoat

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 10.18.37 AM.png

Gifts for the home

A dream gift: The first coffeemaker I’ve ever wanted! That design! (I think this one will have to wait, but I’m completely in love with it!)


A sexy pourover for the clumsy type who breaks the glass ones..

What’s on your gift list this year?