Our First Year

It seemed like just yesterday that I slipped into a beautiful lace dress, savored the butterflies in my stomach, and embraced the tears I didn't expect as I approached Stephen for our First Look. Our wedding day was truly blissful. Crazy stuff happens at every wedding, ours included, but all that I remember was an overwhelming sense of happiness, nostalgia, and gratitude for the many beautiful people who CHEERED--yes, loudly cheered after the pastor pronounced us husband and wife! I may have busted a move on the alter because of it...who's to say?

Our first year of marriage

And this last year? It has been filled with craziness, dreams, and loads of love. We started out together in our photography business, and purchased our first home. We have discovered a love of cooking, traveling together, slow mornings, brewing coffee and reading the news together in bed.

It's been such a beautiful time, and it really has flown by. I just want to remember how easy it is to see that beauty right now.

Celebrating our First Anniversary

For our anniversary, Stephen and I spent the weekend in our fave nearby city: Chicago! We stayed at the fab rocker-glam Allegro Hotel, one of the lovely Kimpton hotels. Our room was tiny, but had a great retro design aesthetic.

We wanted to do something in Chicago that we'd never done, so we decided to take a food tour of Bucktown and Wicker Park.  It was definitely a highlight of our trip. This tour, through Chicago Food Planet, was incredibly tasty... and filling.

We made six stops over the course of 3 hours and enjoyed local culture as a nice bonus to the food. We're always intrigued by the Bucktown/ Wicker Park neighborhoods, so it was fun to learn the history of the development and recent revival of the area.

Where We Went

  • George's Hot Dogs: my first traditional Chicago dog!
  • Mindy's Hot Chocolate: the medium iced chocolate with homemade marshmallow are things dreams are made of! It's like nothing you've ever had before. Truly incredible.
  • Goddess And Grocer: (first: I love this place.) Surprisingly delicious kale and golden raisin salad. Yes, kale and delicious in the same sentence. In.love.
  • Piece pizza: obviously great thin style pizza...and a hysterical giggle fit that left me with tears rolling down my face...oy!
  • Sultan's Market: falafel pita that made fireworks go off in my mouth! So amazing!
  • iCream: ice cream that, when created in front of you, sends a dramatic fog up from the bowl like a science experiment gone terrifically wrong. That Guy from Florida was incredible!

I also want to note that on this food tour, something wonderful happened. Somewhere between the sugar rush and the near food coma, we happened to make some hysterical friends! After the tour, our awesome tour guide, Christina, two fellow tourees, Ellen and Sarah, and Stephen and I kept the party going with more food, exploring, hysterical stories and laughter. I don't know when I've laughed so hard!

We then promptly took the El back to our hotel and crashed, hard core. Ahh, it was a great weekend.

*Photos courtesy of our Instagram account! Are you on Instagram? Let's be friends!

iced chocolate at hot chocolate on food tour chicago Bucktown Wicker Park mural in chicago Bucktown Wicker Park wall art in a resale shop in Wicker Park Chicagopiece pizza in Bucktown Wicker Park old and new houses in Bucktown Wicker Park Chicago