Our New Fine Art Wedding Albums

It's like Christmas in our house! We recently received updated albums for our clients to look through and I'm so thrilled with how they turned out!

The Heirloom Wedding Album

This beautiful piece is truly an heirloom. Lift this bad boy up and you'll see that it's not messing around! (full disclosure, I used our wedding album as a part of a weight routine for a bit.) I love the luxurious tuscan leather cover that ages beautifully over time and adore pulling it out of it's canvas dustcover and getting that whiff of new leather smell every time! The matte album pages really highlight the quality of your wedding photos and, as you turn pages, reliving your day, you'll notice that the pages lay flat! I love how we can print a meaningful landscape shot straight across the entire spread and it doesn't crease in the middle of the page.  I love how these pages stand the test of time as you look back through your book and share it with others.

The Linen Parent Album

Our fine art linen albums are the perfect parent album! I love the texture of the linen and the more compact size. While the pages are thinner than the wedding album, this is a terrific lighter weight option for mom to take with her when she wants to show her loved ones the photos from your wedding day.

Your Legacy

After poring over my grandparents' wedding album for years before receiving my own wedding album, I can say that there's nothing like holding your photos! I was the grand daughter admiring my grandmother's beautiful gown and asking them all about how they fell in love. I want that for my future and invested in our album with that legacy in mind. 

This is your legacy-enjoy the beauty of the tangible.