Our Wedding Album Story

Aside from our home, our wedding album is one of my proudest investments. With the ease of printing photos and albums online, that may seem like a weird object to value that deeply, but I’d love to share why I’m so grateful for our wedding album.

Our investment into our wedding photography

When we began planning our wedding, we determined that our top priority was going to be our wedding photography (duh!). We even planned a whirlwind 12 week engagement around our photographers' availability.

After receiving our beautifully edited wedding photos, we poured over them, cried together, and grinned like fools. We could feel all the special moments of our wedding day and we felt so grateful for these precious memories we now had. These photos have sheltered us in stressful times and have anchored us in uncertain times.

bride and groom on their wedding day

Saving our photos

Stephen hopped online right away and went through and downloaded his favorite photos from throughout our day on our photography computer (he’s so responsible like that.) I, on the other hand, would go online to our gallery and just admire them. I have always pushed things until the last possible minute, so when I knew our gallery was about to expire, I furiously downloaded as many photos as I could onto our laptop.

The moment that made my heart stop

A short time later, Stephen asked a question that made my heart stop.

“Hey Babe, our laptop just crashed. There wasn’t anything important on it, was there?”

Umyes. OUR WEDDING PHOTOS!! All of a sudden the stupidity of my ways hit me like a ton of bricks. WHY didn’t I back these beautiful photos up with more care? Did we lose all our photos? I crumpled into tears as I realized that I didn’t know what memories we’d have left of our wedding day.

An uncertain future for our photos

Stephen hugged me while I cried and reminded me of the favorites he downloaded (hopefully he got some of my favorites too!). But, for a while, we thought he had downloaded the sample sizes and we'd be limited with our printing options. I couldn’t talk about it for a long time. I would cry each time I thought about it and I just couldn’t believe how careless I was.

Around that time, we purchased our first home, purchased a second car, and had a few expensive home repairs come up. We felt like we couldn’t catch a break to buy our wedding album.

Our wedding album

wedding album on coffee table with succulents, Booth Photographics, Destination Fine art Wedding photography

We continued to save and work hard. Stephen found his favorites, discovered he had downloaded the real photos, not the sample sizes (ah! what a relief!!) and designed an album. We had to let our design sit for another year, but after 2.5 years of marriage, we were able to print our wedding photos into an heirloom form.

We couldn’t be prouder to have a tangible form of our wedding memories (I’m sure you get it now, right?) and we want to share a few valuable lessons that we learned through this journey.

  1. technology doesn’t solve all your problems-it changes quickly and has a short lifespan. Preserving something online for future generations is a constant tightrope walk as things change.
  2. There’s never a “perfect time” to purchase your album. Life will keep happening and money will come and go. But preserving the start of your legacy is something worth making happen.

open KISS books wedding album on coffee table with succulents, Booth Photographics, Destination Fine Art Wedding photography

Albums aren’t cheap. They are most certainly an investment and we get that. We love it when our clients thoughtfully choose how they’d like to honor the beginning of their marriage through their photos and we have built our wedding photography offerings on the idea of creating a printed legacy for future generations.

Our wedding packages offer  some flexible options for printing your photos. But how can you figure out how to make such a great investment? Which options are right for your life? I’ll talk about our album options in depth in a series of upcoming posts, so stay tuned for photos and some more personal stories that explain why we've chosen these items!