Perserving Your Wedding Photos: Albums

I grew up enjoying my parents and grandparents wedding photos. I looked at them, laughed over them, and sighed over "how young they looked." Each couple preserved their photos in very different ways that has impacted how we love for our clients to preserve their photos. My mother and grandmothers are my legacy. Seeing how they began their marriage made a huge impact on me as a young girl. Today I want to share about my experience with my parents' wedding photos and in future posts, I'll talk more about how I experienced my grandparents' photos.

Growing up with wedding albums

When I was a little girl, I spent hours poring over my parents' wedding album, oohing and ahhing over how happy they looked as they dashed back down the aisle. My parents invested into a classic, 4 inch thick leather album. They ordered prints and carefully afixed them to the pages I would later admire. Ever the romantic, I thought my mom looked like my favorite barbie and no matter how often my mom pointed out how outdated they looked, I still thought everything was a fairytale.

What my parents' album taught me

Even now, as I see the photo of my dad swooping my mom up in his arms and running back down the aisle, I see their exuberance. I see their laughter and unbridled optimism for their future. Many storms would come their way, but this happy moment was where they began together.

When I thought that love was only what I saw in movies, my parents' story showed me that love is so much more than that. After the ebb and flow of passion, a deeper and richer love takes root in the everyday. Seeing their album helped me notice my parents' everyday kind of love in new ways.

In hugs, subtle smirks, and lingering glances, acts of service, and encouraging words. They've learned to read each other and they love each other more now than ever. If I didn't have their wedding album to look back through though, I may not have understood that.

Why we believe in albums

These are the reasons you preserve your wedding photos. You are putting into a tangible form something that isn't tangible. You’re remembering how to love. You’re showing others that love is hard work, but it’s worth it. And you’re choosing to honor that love.

tuscan leather kiss books album on whitewashed coffee table with succulents and air plants

While it’s easier than ever to capture everyday memories on a mobile phone and store them on a laptop, it’s also easier than ever for those files to get lost and buried in the endless clutter.

We believe your marriage deserves better.

We believe that your wedding shouldn’t be lost in the noise of selfies and snaps. Your marriage is one of the most life altering days you will experience and we want to help you set it apart and give those memories a special place in your life.

Is an album right for you?

Stephen and I have two distinct ways to preserve photos. If you’re like my mom, you’re going to choose a classic bound album. You keep things put away and neatly filed. You want something that lasts for a lifetime and would look great on a coffee table or a bookshelf.

Albums are timeless-a medium children and adults understand. It can become a bedtime story with your little ones and it can become what your teenage daughter obsesses over...or teases you about! It's what we personally chose after a bit of a scare thinking we'd lost all our wedding photos.

our tuscan leather kiss books album on coffee table


Our albums options include a beautiful variety of classic and rustic tuscan leathers, a linen option, and a few different page finishes with beautiful photo finish papers to give you a quality that will last for generations.

linen and tuscan leather kiss books album on coffee table

While it's fun for me to talk with you about leathers and paper options, what really matters is that you're preserving your wedding photos in the best way possible for your lifestyle and that you have this tangible representation of the start of your life together.

linen and tuscan leather kiss books album on coffee table