Things I'm loving: Pinterest Inspiration For the Fine Art Bride

I'm on pinterest all the time. I have a personal account, filled with recipes, fashion and makeup-my no-weddings space for just me to enjoy, and I have our business pinterest, filled with the wedding inspiration that really refreshes me and may be helpful to our #boothbrides. Sometimes I scroll for a bit and there's really nothing that catches my eye.

But then there are jackpot days. These are the days where practically every pin I see has me gasping or repinning as fast as I can. Today just happened to be a jackpot day and I'd love to share with you a few of the pins I've found most inspiring today.

Engagement Session Style

Both of these sessions are really special. When I look at these images I love their style-how everything flows together seamlessly to create a sense of effortless fashion. 

The top session is soft and romantic (you should see the whole beautiful session!) with a warm color palette, and natural setting. I loved how they incorporated florals into their session!

The second is a little more modern and avante garde, softened by the setting. I love this bride-to-be's editorial style makeup with brushed brows and a clean, simple face. Paired with that minimal but tousled ponytail? Love it!

Getting Ready

Ah. If you're one of our brides, you may remember that the way I connected with photography (after a few years of Stephen trying so hard to engrain the technical stuff into my brain) was by watching a friend get ready for her wedding and feeling frustrated that I couldn't create photos that showed her just how radiant she was at that moment. It's light and clean getting ready photos like this that move me. 

Bridal Style

I love that the sleeve trend is making a comeback for spring 2016! beaded and sheer, lacey, full coverage, I am loving sleeves. I also love the bridal separates trend. I may have insider info that one of our darling brides (you know who you are ;) has separates and plans to switch things up throughout her day. I love her creativity and cannot wait to have fun photographing! 

Lastly, while I love really elegant hairstyles, my personal style will always tend toward hairstyles that are a little undone. I love the elegance of an updo, but I love the romance of something loose and whispy. Add in luminous makeup with a lovely flush to the cheeks and we have the soft romantic look I just love!

Ceremony Inspiration

I love so many things about this setting. We particularly adore outdoor weddings and a stunning setting like this crumbling Italian castle set in an olive grove really gets me. Here's what speaks to me about this: 

Color & Texture

I la-la-LOVE how olive trees render on film. They have this luminous sage green color that's so flattering behind skin tones. I also love the warm sandy tone and the rugged textures of the stone with the organic touch of vines spilling over the wall.

I am particularly drawn to textures when I'm telling a wedding story.  We're always looking for ways to tell a cohesive story throughout your day and simple things like a stunning setting with rich textures and serene colors inspire us so much!

*sidenote-I'm not feeling the lavender and suitcase details. However, the location. gah!

Okay, let's just get right into this. Here's what I love:

Setting (again...such lovely italianate architecture!), I cannot resist that silk chiffon pooling at the bottom of the Chuppah like that. Can.not.resist. 

And if you're like me and love undone elegance, hold my hand and breathe deep. Those floral tiebacks? Wow! I adore how they crawl up the sides just like ivy does on a wall. 


These unconventional cakes have such amazing designs! I love the idea of a special quote in flowing calligraphy, a romantic crest, or marbling! These just make my jaw drop!

So would you agree with me? Was this a jackpot day for me on Pinterest? Let's connect! I'd love to see what inspires you.