Seattle and Olympic Peninsula| Fine Art Travel Photography

Stephen and I had the unique privilege of touring the Olympic Peninsula for work and play recently. I knew it would be rainy and overcast, but I wasn't expecting the beauty we saw. 

A Place To Be Respected

After spending time in California over the last few years, we were familiar with the grandeur of the rugged coastline up Highway 1. The sun shines all the time, the weather is perfect, and there's beauty everywhere you look. It's like that portion of the earth was made to be enjoyed. 

But not the Olympic Peninsula. The constant moody drizzle provides a quiet mood while the land holds just as much grandeur as PCH. However, it's like this portion of the earth was made to be respected.

We stood in awe of the rugged beauty on Ruby beach until a torrential downpour had us running for cover. And as we cozied up in one of Teddy Roosevelt's favorite haunts, Lake Quinault Lodge, we talked about how we were so amazed by the intentional beauty of fallen trees. 

The Beauty and Growth of Fallen Trees

Because of the heavy rainfall, trees in the rainforest don't need to grow deep root systems to get water. Due to the shallow root system and gigantic proportions, there are downed trees everywhere you look in the forest and shoreline. However, they were no mistake. Every tree that fell provided new growth. Other trees grew right on top of the fallen trees, animals built homes in the trunks, the shoreline carried rich nutrients, and life continued, more vibrant than before. 

Isn't life like that sometimes? All I can see is loss or a setback but what I don't notice is the growth happening because of it. May you be encouraged that, like the fallen trees on Ruby Beach, those setbacks are intentional and nourishing in your life

Many thanks to Photovision for film processing (shot on Hasselblad H1 using Portra 400)