The Best Hair Trends for Summer Brides

I adore summer. I bask in it's sunshine, generally refuse to let heat upset me (I went through a very long winter, after all!) and spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible. I love everything about the summer, so naturally, summer weddings are my absolute favorite! 

I particularly love summer wedding hairstyles as brides want to capture a more carefree and romantic feel to their style. I've selected a few of my personal favorites, from some sleek, minimalist hairstyle options to some more loose and carefree looks, I love each one!

Which style is your favorite?

The classic ponytail two ways for the effortless bride

You know the drill. A Ponytail is a staple for any woman, so naturally a comfortable choice for a bride who wants to feel effortless. Whether straight behind you or a side pony, take this classic up a notch by wrapping your hair around the tie, or adding in volume and loose curls. 

Textural and delicate updos for the romantic bride

All of these are variations on a classic-the chignon. But each of these girls had their own distinct personalities and I love how it turned out! Add in loads of texture with loose curls, volume with hair extensions (check out these hair extensions by legendary Team Hair and Makeup in LA!) or wrap with braids or a bun. 

Classic chic updos with showstopper hairpieces 

Choosing your moments with your bride style is key and each of these brides knew they wanted their hair to be the canvas for a show stopper hair piece, so they played it cool with sleek, sexy styles that framed these hair pieces beautifully.

Loose beachy waves for the carefree bride

Want to feel the breeze in your locks and toss your hair around without a care? Consider these gorgeous carefree options. If you have a glorious head of hair, do me a favor and choose this style and call me to photograph you.  We're going to have SO much fun!