The people who taught me to love

We adore photographing weddings. Each wedding day is a wonderfully crazy rush of emotions. I mean, I cry at each one! They really do make my heart go squeeze, big time! After a wedding, we get in our car and I take Stephen's hand and (usually all teary eyed) say "I wish I could just TELL them what they're getting into. Marriage is so incredible and they don't have a clue how great it is yet. I hope they get what we have."

We Believe in Love

But you know what, we don't photograph weddings because we're all about weddings. We shoot weddings because we absolutely believe in love. And love isn't evident on just a wedding day.

Love spans generations. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing the very people who taught me to love. My mom and dad.

The Love of My Parents

I love how my dad teases my mom incessantly because he know's she's going to roll her eyes at him. And how, even though she rolls her eyes, she really appreciates his constant care and attention for her.

I love how no one believes in my dad more than my mom. And how they have taught me to love and give.

mom & dad embracing

My parents don't necessarily care to have their photographs published all over the known world. Like anyone else, they get nervous in front of the camera so I was thrilled they let me capture a few photos that I feel truly reflect their beautiful love.