Voice, Vision and Focus | A New Year's Resolution for the Blog

We couldn't be more excited for the projects, weddings, and lovely clients we will get to work with this year. And, if you know me at all, I'm right there with the best of them, making my New Year's resolutions, which include a whole lotta pretty for Booth Photographics. And, along with the proverbial diet to kick off the new year, we are also using this time of new beginnings to take a step back, reevaluate what we're doing, and realign our actions with our goals and our mission. One of the areas we've decided to redirect ourselves is on our blog. couple at their english garden wedding

Why do we blog?

Our blog is our happy place. It's where we can be who we are, talk about what we love, show off the beautiful, meaningful moments of our clients' weddings, and inspire ourselves to keep getting better.

Specifically, there are three ways we have challenged ourselves to blog in 2015. These including blogging for:

1. Voice

Our blog should be A place where we express our opinions and point of view on all things wedding related and just who we are in general. We want you to know us better through what we post so when we meet, you won't be surprised when I call you "dude!" or tell you that I love you in the first 5 minutes of our conversation.

...I'm a little weird, I know. I'm working on that.

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2. Vision

We moved into our home just over a year ago. As we have been decorating our first home together, we've chosen an aesthetic direction and we've been slowing working to make that vision come to life. One month it's curtains, the next a reclaimed factory cart.

While our style is continually evolving, we don't have many disparate things on display at one time. We are continually refining and curated our home interior to reflect our own personal sense style.

fine art wedding reception tablescape

Our blog is just like that. It's where we show a curated collection that epitomizes our aesthetic, just like a well executed interior design. Simply put, we want our blog to articulate our aesthetic and showcase what inspires us as fine art wedding photographers.

3. Focus

In the past, we've more or less taken the approach that if we shot it, we'll show it. But in the future, we're going to be more selective about what we choose to blog. Not everything we shoot will go up on our blog.

Your love itself is always what drives us to tell your story, it's what we're most passionate about when we're shooting. Without a strong story of love and emotional, personal connection, our images will always fall flat and lifeless. But when it comes to what we choose to show, it's going to be the images that both have an authentic sense of life AND an aesthetic that closely aligns with our own.

fine art wedding in Milwaukee, WI

Our Fine Art Vision

While in the past we've used our blog to showcase the broad range of our work, going forward, we're going to use our blog as a place to showcase our personal aesthetic. It's probably going to feel a little funny to not post about everything we shoot, but we're excited to use our blog as a means to  articulate our own vision and style. And we think in the end, you will be happier to more clearly understand exactly what we're about.