Wedding Inspiration: Details that Tell your Story

I have two great loves when it comes to photographing weddings:

  1. Getting to know you and your love story
  2. The view if I stand behind Stephen to photograph. okay, just kidding about that second one...kinda

Actually, my second great love is photographing details that tell your story!

I love it when couples pay thoughtful attention to their event design and, instead of doing something they saw at someone else's wedding or on Pinterest, they find ways to organically tell their loved ones their story.

Meaningful & Personal Details

Whether they use the rocks from the shoreline near where they grew up, a color palette that reflects their irish heritage without being too literal, or elegant and rustic fabrics to allow them to move with grace and a casual elegance, I'm all for our couples infusing a unique point of view  into their wedding day and understanding it as a thoughtful way to show their love for their dear guests who have come to support them.

Here are some of my favorite meaningful & personal wedding details:

Calligraphy and Hand-lettered Invitations

Oh my gosh, this is like holding and photographing art. I die over calligraphy and unashamedly hope to see more of it in our 2016 weddings! I love how the personal touch of hand lettering makes me feel like you personally wrote a letter inviting me to your wedding.

green and white floral wedding invitation suite photographed by Booth Photographics, destination fine art wedding photographersat the Farm at Dover, Burlington, WI

hand lettered wedding stationary suite on deckled edge paper by Plume Calligraphy, photographed by Booth Photographics, destination fine art wedding photographers in Sawyer, MI

Flowing Gowns

Hands down, my favorite part of a wedding day is the bridal getting ready time. And the dress you choose has a profound impact on how you remember your wedding day in the photos.

Was your day sunny? your dress may be catching that evening light with a dewy glow. Was there an epic gusty wind on your wedding day? You'll feel that gust every time you look back at your photos and see your dress billowing around you.

I feel inspired when your dress has soft flow like that found in silks and chiffons as I think it strengthens the story of your wedding day.

bride walking along a mountain skree in her Truvelle gown photographed by Booth Photographics, destination fine art wedding photographers in Durango, CO

Sexy Florals

I've yammered on and on about textural, foraged bouquets, favorite regional florists, and how much I adore them. But seriously, florals make up one of the most impactful pieces of your wedding event design. Choose them thoughtfully and enjoy them that day!

bride holding bouquet of hops and garden roses on mountainside in Durango CO photographed by Booth Photographics, destination fine art wedding photographers

Tablescapes that Tell Your Story

I already appreciate a truly beautiful tablescape, but when it tells your story in some original way, that's inspiring! How can your tablescapes reflect your heritage or the story of how you fell in love?

The tablescape pictured below was styled for a bride having a destination wedding in her hometown in early spring. She wanted to showcase her hometown so she featured a table runner of greens found near the Milwaukee lakefront. She gifted her guests with a budding tulip atop a bed of river stones that she had collected to help them remember both the time of year and the region she grew up in.

Not only was her table scape stunning, but every detail meant something to her.

head table with greenery runner and tulip bulb favors in Milwaukee WI, photographed by Booth Photographics, destination fine art wedding photographers

Organic Touches

Stephen and I are naturally drawn to natural, rustic textures-linens, woods, the colors and shapes of fruits and vegetables, and the softness of silk. Incorporating details like this into your day will have me styling and snapping like crazy!

bride holding cheese board in Madison, WI photographed by Booth Photographics, destination fine art wedding photographers

What inspires you? what do you find beautiful around you?