Why We Photograph Your Getting Ready Details

If you know anything about me, these 3 things are probably no surprise:

  1. I’m a consummate girly girl

  2. I am obsessed with makeup-I love the artistry of applying it, of directing the way light hits a face, and of creating looks that reflect my personal sense of style.

  3. I love shopping, clothes, accessories and styling outfits.

So you'd be absolutely right in thinking that I’d gush on about photographing bridal getting ready details—you know, the dress, perfume, accessories, florals, and shoes?

I totally adore this segment of your wedding day, but it's not just because I think all these things are so pretty. I'm also sentimental and I know that, in the long run, these things all MEAN something personal to a bride, her groom, and even their families!

If you’re feeling the pressure to conform to the bridal inspiration you see on your favorite blogs, I hope that this little bit of perspective can inspire and help you as you plan for your getting ready time. 

The Beauty of Preparation

I think there’s something really distinctive and memorable about the way a bride adorns herself to meet her groom. This is such a sweet and special time, filled with anticipation, preparation, and joy.

On your wedding day, you’re donning a really special selection of clothing and accessories to commemorate your commitment to the one who loves you. From the perfume and shoes, to the delicate hairpiece and necklace, even your wedding day lipstick (You know I had one!), often, these are pieces chosen for that extraordinary walk down the aisle.

We love it when our brides choose things that are special to them and give us the chance to photograph them.

Details for the sake of a greater purpose

It’s never been about the things for us. Yeah, they look killer on blogs or on pinterest. But really these things reflect a person.

These pieces point back to the woman who prepared herself with care and thoughtful attention to walk the aisle to that man who holds her heart. And that's why we think it's important to tell that story.

At each wedding, we set aside time specifically for photographing your personal details to help us more completely and meaningfully tell your story. Because often the true story lies in what you see and feel, and not in how you look.