Personal Post: You're on the same team!

We had just gotten home from a wedding. We were worn out, a little bleary eyed, and still had work ahead of us. And that’s when it happened.

We had had some understandable miscommunications while working together during that wedding. As I look back on it now, it all makes sense. I said something and he didn’t hear it. He talked me through the schedule, and I looked at the wrong part of the schedule. But in that tired, worn out moment, I thought it would be a good idea to fight for my pride.

Instead of just saying, “wow, I’m sorry I didn’t understand you, babe,” I felt that it was more important to prove that I was right to Stephen.

And as we backed up photos and tried to keep our eyes open, we argued. I felt devastated at first. We don’t typically argue too vehemently. But, you do crazy things when you get your priorities all jumbled up.

Really, it shouldn’t have surprised me. I’d love to be a more humble person, but I just am not-I’m proud. I hate admitting that I’m wrong and I really don’t like letting people down. But for just a moment, I chose one over the other.

You’re going to have those days. Those days where you feel like you’re on opposite teams and you need to win or prove that you’re right. Stephen shows me every time that it’s just not worth it. With a kind word and humble spirit, Stephen shows me what grace looks like. Can you believe how lucky I am?

When you commit your lives to each other, you are choosing to be on the same team, so lay it aside and walk across the field to his dugout. And while that argument may not be worth it, you know what is? Saying “I’m so sorry that I got mad at you and hurt you. I was wrong.”

While those are tough words for me to say, he’s worth it every time.

I often glance at him while we’re watching an evening show and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that God graciously gave him to me for this season of life. I hope it’s a long one, but for however long I have Stephen, I don’t want to spend it arguing.