Table of Contents

  1. Logo
  2. Type
  3. Colors
  4. Messaging

1. Logo

Our logo is designed to be clean, classic & elegant. A simplified version of our original logo, it represents how we have come to develop a "quality over quantity" perspective on life and photography.

In addition to our name and signature classic bow tie, it also expresses our guiding artistic values of beauty & authenticity.


2. Type

We use typography that is simple & timeless. 

  • Body copy font is Adobe Garamond Pro
  • Header font is Proxima Nova

3. Colors

In our photographic work, we use a muted palette of colors focusing mainly on the interplay of complex textures. Similar to Restoration Hardware, colors are low in saturation but speak to a sense of history and substance.

Designs should not be cluttered and ample use of whitespace throughout layouts is encouraged.

In regards to our website and print content, Our primary colors are

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Muted Mint
  • White

4. Messaging

Our messaging focuses on the timeless investment of quality photography.

We emphasize things that are enduring and have "legacy appeal." Examples of this messaging in action would include focusing on:

  • value over cost
  • future over present
  • quality over quantity
  • relationships over things
  • intentionality over carelessness
  • longevity over trendiness
  • significant over trivial

"In a world where this moment is gone & this moment is gone, photography steps in and says: not this one, this moment stays."

—Mary Marantz