Who is the Booth Bride?

We're not the photographers for everyone. So how can you tell if we'd be a good fit for each other? While no two people are the same, many of our brides have a few things in common: 

fine art bride's wedding

Gracious & Kind

A hallmark of our brides is grace. she treats people with generosity and care, not because they deserve it, but because it’s a part of her nature to treat others better than they deserve.

She knows that kindness is the most enduring legacy she can leave behind, despite the pressures of life and stress of planning a wedding.


She knows how to prioritize. Our brides understand that while some things can be found for less, the most important things are worth investing in to get just the right fit.

Classic & Chic

Understanding the value of a classic trench coat and a quality go-to pair of jeans doesn't mean you can't enjoy playing with the latest trends. Our brides hold some traditions dear, but also enjoy getting a little creative from time to time and trying something unexpected too.


The little things matter. From the warm greeting to the place settings at her wedding reception, her attention to detail stems from her desire make her guests feel special and loved.