Family Photos

We understand that many important loved ones have come to support you on your wedding day and we believe that family photo time should be a special time to honor the beloved few who have been there with you from the very beginning. Because of this, we recommend that your scheduled family photo time be limited to parents, grandparents, and siblings as a way to give them intentional time to show your gratitude for them.

While this keeps the immediate family photo time brief, any extended family groups you you’d like can still be taken during your reception where time allows. This often works well as people are more relaxed and engaged with each other at the reception than they would be during a “formal” portrait session.

We also work hard to capture natural candid photos throughout your wedding day that tell the story of your family relationships in a more relaxed, lifestyle manner. 

Extended Family Formal Photos

If you do decide to include extended family formal photos (anything beyond parents, grandparents & siblings), you'll want to be sure to include additional time in your proposed timeline.

  • 5 min per grouping of 5-7 people.
  • 8 min per grouping of 8-15 people.
  • 10 minutes for groups larger than 15 people. *not recommended

 We're happy to accommodate family photo requests provided the appropriate time is accounted for. We do ask that no last minute requests to your family formal photos are made after your final consult.

Family Photos Location

Because we will likely need to setup additional off-camera lighting for family photos indoors/ in a church sanctuary, we ask that you choose whether you would like your family photos indoors/ in your church sanctuary or outdoors at your final consult. To avoid complicating directions to your family, we do ask that your formal family photo time takes place at one single location (either inside or out).