Getting Ready

Some of our favorite wedding day photos are the bridal getting ready photos. And to make the best getting ready images, we need a few simple things: natural, directional light, space to work, and a clean, beautiful setting.

Standard hotel rooms are often small and offer limited natural light. Even if there is ample space, the styling is often dated, or at minimum, generic. If you do plan to get ready at a hotel, you may want to consider staying in a beautifully appointed suite at a luxury hotel. Not only will you feel fabulous, you’re more likely to have a space with a well developed and inspiring design, allowing us to make truly stunning images.

If you are choosing to get ready at a hotel room, schedule housekeeping to make a visit an hour before your getting ready photos. Have them make the bed and remove personal items and plan to use a separate room for hair and makeup time with your bridesmaids than the room in which you will be getting into your dress.

If you’re getting ready at a home, we recommend that you make sure there’s a clean, open space near a window and remove all furniture and accessories that don’t add to the aesthetic of your images. For the best images, we recommend choosing a place with character and style.

Renting a clean, well appointed home through Airbnb, a historic B&B or estate, or even a friend's home that has inherent charm can strengthen rather than detract from your story.