Location Planning

Where should we take your photos? It seems like a simple question on the surface, but it’s one that can get pretty complicated. We believe that it doesn’t have to be!

We are firm believers in quality over quantity. So while there may be many pretty spots within a reasonable radius, that doesn’t mean you need to take photos at all of them. There are plenty of logistics to worry about on your wedding day already, why add further complications to the mix. We say find the best spot and make the most of it!
But what makes a spot the best one? We’re glad you asked!

A Distraction-Free Setting

You want your photos in a beautiful setting and we want to take your photos in a beautiful location! But keep
in mind that we need a location that’s also relatively distraction-free. “The Bean” in Millenium Park is a beautiful spot, but do you think you’ll be able to get a single shot there on a Saturday afternoon in middle of the summer without hundreds of people in the background? Probably not.

Rather than going for the biggest tourist stops in town, consider a location that has a sense of place, but isn’t likely to be overrun with people and provides for space for you to settle in and enjoy rather than having to "hit and run."

Find a Concept that Fits YOUR Story

We love it when a couple wants to include elements that are authentic to their story. But keep in mind
that your inspiration doesn’t need to be literal.

Instead of taking wedding day romantic photos at the exact spot you got engaged, for instance, you'll want to consider how a location will photograph. Step back a bit and think about what type of setting you were in and the sensory experience around you.

Was it in a beautifully manicured garden? Was it an urban setting? Was it on a secluded lake?  

Or consider including styled elements that nod to your favorite hobbies. Love to ride bicycles? Rather than bringing your own, rent beautiful vintage bicycles to tell that story in a more beautiful, elevated way.

When it comes to planning for your wedding day photography, backing up a bit and thinking conceptually rather than literally can really take your images up a notch! 

We also challenge our couples to choose locations for reasons beyond just that they're pretty, they're popular or that other people photograph their wedding photos there. When a setting is cohesive with your event design and fits your story, your images will be so much more meaningful and valuable to you.

Narrow Your Focus

There are hundreds of pretty spots, so how do you choose? Since our goal is to tell a cohesive story, we always
recommend choosing one strategic spot that makes sense in the overall context of your wedding day and then settling in a bit.

Less can truly be more!

Keep in mind that It takes time to get comfortable in each new location. Wedding day travel logistics can be stressful. Every time we leave on spot and travel to a new one, we have to spend time working into that new location, taking more valuable time before we can draw out the authentic emotion that’s the hallmark of our work.

So rather than jumping from location to location across the city, we recommend choosing one great location that will work well and making the most of it. It may feel like a sacrifice, but anything you give up in additional locations you will gain back in quality, emotionally engaging images.

Plan for Lighting Conditions

A certain spot might have beautiful character, but as primarily natural light photographers, the photographic viability of any location is heavily dependent on lighting conditions. We are slaves to the light.

You may like the proximity of a location to a specific landmark, but do you know what the lighting is like in that
location when you will be there on your wedding day? Thankfully, with technology like google maps, scouting locations is easier than ever! Don’t know how viable a specific location is? Run it by us! We’re happy to help!

Don't Put yourself in Danger

We want you to have truly stunning photos, but there are some things we just can’t do to make that happen. Putting you in danger is one of them. You’ll want to think through any safety and legal concerns when choosing a location for your photography.

While trespassing on live railroad tracks with your wedding party is an obvious (and dangerous) example, some locations may require a permit for professional photography. While this may seem like an unnecessary hoop to jump through, we would hate for you to have a negative experience such as being asked to leave a particular site on your wedding day. Stress will show in photos, so we recommend avoiding it at all costs!