Other Cameras

We do understand just how special and uncommon it is to have all your family together for your wedding. It’s only natural for people to want to photograph these special moments. However, to allow your guests to be fully engaged with what is going on and to allow us to produce the best possible work, we ask that guests with cameras be mindful that you’ve chosen to gift your family with professional family photos on your wedding day.

You may want to consider asking your guests not to use their cameras or digital devices during your ceremony. So often guests will step into the aisle to photograph during key times. Because we often stay farther back to avoid disrupting your ceremony, guests who move from their seat or hold up devices in the air will be distracting elements in your images. There are many times for your guests to capture the moment around them, but the ceremony is usually best when enjoyed without a device in hand.

For safety’s sake, we do ask that we are the only cameras present during the the first look, romantic and bridal party photos. During these times, we are focused on making beautifully creative images and we often need to move into different positions very quickly to capture the moment creatively. We also ask that no one stands directly in front or behind us while we’re working. When photographing, we often need space to move quickly to capture the moment. The last thing we want is to bump into someone or miss an important moment because a guest was blocking our lens.