Our Approach

Photographs should be powerful. Make you feel something deep inside.

They should communicate something about who you are. What you value.


"We tell enduring stories in a disposable world."


Because you deserve to be fully engaged on your wedding day, living in the moment, we never want to manipulate things or pose you in a way that feels forced or contrived.

Over the course of 5 years and 60+ weddings, we have developed a process that includes listening to who you are and what you value, then offering just enough strategic direction to create beautiful, timeless imagery while providing space for candid moments and authentic emotions to shine through.

True beauty is timeless, so we work to leverage the most beautifully enduring elements possible: natural light, intentional styling and settings relevant to your story. This is what we call the fine art style.

Intentional and Authentic

We give intentional direction, but only within the parameters of creating work that feels authentic and natural, not posed or manipulated into perfection. When you look at our work, we hope you feel something!


In addition to an emphasis on authenticity, we believe that our work is ultimately not for you to enjoy today—though we absolutely know you will, but for your future.

You're embarking on a long journey and we aim to capture your story in such a way that 5, 10 or more years down the road, when you look back at your album, you feel exactly what you felt when you were living that moment we captured. Our work isn't for you today, but an investment into your future.

In a world where this moment is gone & this moment is gone, photography steps in and says, not this one. This moment stays.

—Mary Marantz

You may never be able to get the same people in the same room at the same time again, but with an enduring story through fine art photographs, you can remember the beauty of those moments long after they're gone.