Planning your Photos

Stephen and I spend quality time reviewing what we know about your love and your story and we come prepared with specific ways we envision drawing that out and photographing it. Because of that preparation, you don’t need to worry about taking time to compile a shot list or pinterest poses for us.

We don’t work from a shot list or replicate poses so that we can create authentic photos that truly represent the meaningful moments of your day. A formal “shot list” would distract us from shooting in the moment, and potentially cause us to miss the important, authentic and irreplaceable moments as they unfold. 

At your final consult (about one month before your wedding), we’ll take time to talk through what makes your day uniquely you. We love to thoughtfully capture your wedding day in way that represents your story, not in a way that copies someone else's. We’ve been photographing wedding for years and are well equipped to create the type of work that drew you to us.